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4 minute video to help you profitably rough your cattle

Have you ever wondered, what is the proper balance in roughing your cattle? Nobody wants to spend extra money on their cattle, but there’s also a point of pushing them too far. 

We’re here to explain what we feel is the right amount to rough your cows, in order to maximize the efficiency of your cow herd. It’s important you don’t pamper your cows, but you definitely don't want to starve or malnourish them.

Cattle Management 

The main goal is to find a level of roughing your cattle that will result in maximum profit for your operation. Ken Stewart, one of the Riomax® territory reps, has managed some of the largest ranches in the country, across several different regions. He’s been on some ranches where the cattle are standing belly-deep in grass, yet they’re starving. Other herds are on pasture without any grass; it looks like a desert. But somehow, the cattle as fat as ticks; they’re at optimum condition. It’s all about management practices. Some cattle are over-managed, some are under-managed.

It goes to show that it doesn't necessarily matter what exact location you’re in. Ideally, in order to maximize profits on your ranch, you need excellent management. Too often, ranches have one extreme or the other. They either feed too much or don’t supplement at all. They starve their herd in the winter and offset the deficiencies in summer by loading them up with creep feed. Finding a balance is difficult, but when you do, you have a much higher chance of maximizing your efficiency and profits on your ranch.

How To Rough Your Cattle For Optimum Results

The two main things in roughing your cattle are a proper stocking rate and forage-based feed. Using what you have, simply your forage-based diet from your land base, is the first step to raising your herd to their optimum condition. 

Then, of course, provide your cattle with the supplement they need. Feeding a good quality supplement is more important than feeding large quantities of supplements. The right supplement is a critical step in getting your cattle into a healthy condition year-round, with optimum results and maximum return on investment.

Ultimately, by making the most of the grass and hay that's available on your ranch, you are one step closer to maximizing your earning potential. Still not sure how to find your 'sweet spot', in terms of creating lasting profitability? Discover how the Riomax® digestion pack can help you get the most out of your existing forages and pastures today.

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