Tim Hamilton

Tim Hamilton
Sleeping Willow Ranch

Stevensville, MT

Riomax® Customer Since 2020

Herd Details

  • 48 Spanish Andalusian Horses
  • Equus360®

Fast Facts

  • Saved $8,000-10,000 on feed costs
  • Reduced labor by 66.6%
  • Improved mobility on a 15-year-old horse with severe arthritis
  • Reduced bloat
  • Improved hooves (decreased the amount of cracking)

The Story

In March of 2020 we started with the first 6 horses, older ones on a maintenance ration so we monitored them for 6 months before we decided to switch the rest. We were feeding 4-5 lbs (soaked) of a beet pulp/alfalfa pellet ration that included numerous other components such as probiotics, minerals, omegas, free choice salt, etc. this was costing us $34/head. We were able to cut that cost in half and the horses looked great, so we began offering it to others too.

We introduced Riomax® to the yearlings, 2-year old’s, and 3-year old’s because they were getting big bellies, from bloat not being fat. Their bellies went down and started to look much sleeker when they went from the grain ration to just hay and Riomax®.

Another situation that has me quite excited is one of our 15-year old’s – he suffers from severe arthritis, he worked hard in his younger days. You could see it in his knees. This boy would walk around the pasture and had no energy, just not ambi-tious at all. But now, he’s moving around so much better! To the point that he’s kind of become a punk and we’ve put him with a 2-year-old stud to keep him humble a little bit. We used to have to give him butte after a short ride, now – no butte and we can ride him two times a week and he’s not coming in sore! The amount of stuff we had to put in his feed (well three horses with this same intense ration) was costing us $68/head/month and now were down to $18/head/month with Riomax®. Overall, we used to be at approximately $28,000/year on feed and supplement. Now, we’re down to $18,000-$20,000/year total with Riomax®. Not only have we improved their health, cut back on feed costs, our labor has drastically been cut back. It used to take two of us two hours to hand feed 48 horses their own special ration. Now, we’re down to one person only taking 30-45 minutes to hand feed 16 of them. That’s a 66.6% decrease in labor! They are just flat out doing better on any ration we give them while on Riomax®.

Another thing we noticed was the flies. We have two pastures side by side, one group had the Riomax® and the other did not. The group without Riomax® had their tails swishing and feet stomping constantly. The group with Riomax®- tails still and feet on the ground!
One more I want to share. We bought a broodmare four years ago that had some major hoof issues. They cracked so bad, from top to bottom they’d split. With Riomax® there is a world of a difference in the hooves and we have not done anything to them. We believe in another 30-60 days, we won’t see a single crack on her hooves.

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