Tim Ishee - Cropped

Tim & Reese Ishee

Laurel, MS

Riomax® Customer Since 2019

Herd Details

  • Breed: Simmental/SimmAngus
  • Wean: September
  • Calve: February
  • Head: 70

Fast Facts

  • Saved 54¢/head/day
  • Less labor intensive
  • Higher semen quality
  • Saved $80/day on feed

The Story

We are a 4th generation ranch that runs Simmental and SimmAngus cattle. We first gave Riomax® a try because we’d been through numerous different companies and products but my expectations were never satisfied. I was extremely skeptical of Riomax®, but that year, it was terribly wet and muddy. I about killed myself trying to keep the feeders full because of the mess too. Not to mention I have been a college instructor for the past 33 years, so chores are done in the afternoon – there’s not enough time in the day to fight with chores. Ken Stewart, who at the time was managing a large ranch, told me about Riomax®. I figured I didn’t have much to lose to just try it. I told Ken I was worried my AI conception rates would drop without a high phos mineral and if it did, he’d get a call. It’s been a noticeable difference across the board. The body condition on the 1st calf heifers are at least a ½ score higher than from my last product. The return to estrous was noticeably higher in the 1st calf heifers on Riomax® too. For context to that, we’ve been doing all-natural heat AI for the past 40 years and expect 75% of the first service to be successful and follow with clean up bulls. I’ve watched the whole herd very closely and I can visually see the improvements.

The cow herd has maintained their body condition much more efficiently going into fall this year, way better shape. They average a 6 body condition score (BCS) easy. They’ve been running on dormant grass and a solid 1 BCS higher than a typical year. We’ve also managed to graze them on that dormant grass a month longer than any other year before we had to start feeding hay. That saved us $80/day for those 30 days. It was off the chart dry too.

In addition to that, our calves have been overall healthier and stouter than past years. Bull customers are at the ranch often looking at the crop and we are constantly hearing comments about how stout and great they look. They weaned off faster and quieter than ever before too – the neighbors sure appreciated that!
We’ve noticed an improvement in scrotal size and semen quality. Actually, our vet is a Theriogenologist and says he loves coming here to test our bulls because they test so well. The bulls are semen tested at 11 to 12 months and are testing with a very high semen quality.

My previous supplement program was 75¢/head/day with an additional 16¢/head/day for just the mineral, and that does not include my labor costs. Everything I’ve tried in the past had over promised and under delivered whether it was on the cost, consumption or the performance. Now looking at the Riomax® program, its only costing me 37¢/head/day, way less labor intensive, healthier animals, and overall better production. It has been just what the Riomax® reps said it would be.

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