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You may be wondering, where do ComboCubes™ fit in with the Riomax® tubs? When do you feed which product? We’re here to paint a clear picture of how these components can fit into one year-round program. 

When Should I Use ComboCubes™ (Range Cubes)?

Depending on the time of year and your operation, ComboCubes™ can be used in conjunction with Riomax® tubs or in place of the tubs.


In situations of drought where you are trying to manage or mitigate drought risks, ComboCubes™ are a great tool. They provide all of the Riomax® science, including indirect supplementation technology, which feeds the rumen microbes so that your cows can better utilize their forages. Not only that, but because ComboCubes™ are fed at 1-pound per day, they provide your cows with direct-fed protein and energy, so they get a little extra in their program. 

Extreme Weather

In the past, many ranchers were accustomed to using the Riomax® lick tubs year-round and supplementing hay or cubes during extreme winter weather. This is exactly where ComboCubes™ can fit in. When dealing with weather challenges (drought, winter blizzards, etc.) where you have very poor quality forages or low availability of forages, ComboCubes™ can provide that little bit of extra fuel that your cows so desperately need.

Grazing Management Tool

Another area where folks can use ComboCubes™ is in grazing management. These range cubes are a great tool to help pull your cattle into different pastures or to check cattle. ComboCubes™ are the perfect fit to suck cattle out of hills, mountains, or far corners of your pasture. 

Do ComboCubes® Have All The Riomax® Science?

Oh yes! Not only are ComboCubes™ a great management tool, but they also provide all of the Riomax® science. What does that include? A high-quality digestion package and 100% protected key trace minerals. This combination ensures your minerals get into the cattle’s blood and feed the good bugs in the rumen. Ultimately, the Riomax® science is all about utilizing your forages to their full potential.

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