RIOGEN. Fast-forwarding regenerative ag

RIOGEN. Fast-forwarding regenerative ag


Does it have to take years of intense management to build your soil health?

It can, but it shouldn't have to. By feeding micronutrients to soil microbes, Rhyzogreen stimulates soil biology and fast-forwards the process of creating healthy soils. Impacting the performance of your soils puts you in the driver's seat to create a profitable and sustainable operation now, and for generations to come. Make a positive impact on your farm, your family, and your community, even throughout these tough times.


the regenerative approach

We believe agriculture is part of a system that should be holistic, functioning, healthy, and future-proof. So, we’d like to redefine a regenerative approach. This is not some weird, wacky, way-out-there thing. This is simply looking at the health of this system today, tomorrow, and beyond. It can be broken down into 3 parts.

Firstly, the regeneration of the land. Leaving the land better than you found it. That is all about soil health, microbial communities in the soil. The roots, the plant, the livestock. That whole ecosystem.

The second part is the regenerative approach to the agriculture business. Ensuring that the operation is profitable, and as an enterprise, it is making money.

Thirdly, regenerating the rural communities. When you have prosperous agriculture enterprises, it engages the youth, it helps build the communities, and it brings business back to Main Street rural North America. It also heightens the engagement and awareness of future-proofing this whole system, which feeds right back into the first point: regenerating the land. This ensures a holistic, complete, healthy, functioning system.


Our Journey.

"The area I treated with the soil health product was the worst ground, the worst soil profile, and the lentils and chickpeas that I had treated produced the same amount as those on our better ground did.”

Dain Rad

Dain Rad

Cottonwood, ID

“The biggest thing we saw with the soil health spray was the regrowth. The 1st cutting was about 3 weeks behind schedule due to weather, but by the time they were ready to cut the 2nd cutting, they were back on track almost to the date as typical years.”

Jerald Holloway

Jerald Holloway

Vale, OR

How did it affect Keith Jantz's Cows in Okolona Mississippi?

"Treated a meadow end of July and cut the last hay cutting beginning of September. The grass had grown a little, about five inches, and October we got frost. Towards the end of November, we moved 60 cows onto that hay field, along with feeding them one pound of ComboCubes™ and Riomax® tubs. So normally that grass would have lasted one and a half to two weeks and then the cows would have started acting hungry, losing condition and walking the fence. The gate was open so they could back-graze if they wanted to, but they stayed in that hay field and haven’t back-grazed at all. They gained about half of a score in body condition. It’s been amazing to me. It’s put my hay date off by forty-five to sixty days!”

Keith's Cows 2

four simple steps.



To determine the best quantity and container style for your operation.


Product is delivered directly to your ranch.


Apply the liquid and stimulate your soil biology!

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