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Forward thinking with traditional values.

Nestled in the heart of Montana’s big sky country, there is a ranch that is challenging the norm and pushing the boundaries of ranching as we know it, while still maintaining traditional values. Mulvey Gulch Ranch produces 100% Black Angus Grassfed Beef, selling it in a variety of grocery stores, restaurants, and other foodservice industries.

We interviewed ranch manager Brian Dawson to get a glimpse of what it's like working in the untouched wild, managing thousands of cattle and acres of pastureland. While their ranching practices have evolved over the years, their commitment to animal and environmental stewardship has remained the hallmark of the Mulvey Gulch brand.

Mulvey Gulch was homesteaded by Irish immigrants in 1864. Now, they've grown to become a treasured resource of Montana culture and tradition. "Born & grazed under the Big Sky," Mulvey Gulch cattle spend all of their lives on large, open grass pastures and meadows. During the summer months, cattle graze at higher elevations, while in the winter months, they are closer to the valley bottom.

Learn more about the Mulvey Gulch ranch and range of products by visiting their website HERE.

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