Chad Blair

Last updated on August 30th, 2022 at 07:45 am

Territory Representative

A willing team is one unstoppable force and that’s exactly what we’re all about here at Rio. We are WILLING and DETERMINED to help with the profitability of the ranchers and really the entire agriculture industry.

I’ve had previous years of experience in manufacturing and warehousing and as funny as it sounds, some of the business principles can be carried across into the Ag industry. A couple of them are;

  • The smallest bit of waste in the production line adds up to a lot of expense very quickly.
  • Make every square inch count, you’re paying for it anyways so you may as well maximize it.

Outside of work I love spending time with my wife and 10yr old son and 7yr old daughter. We all love a variety of activities ranging from board games in the winter to all things outdoors such as disc golf, fishing, kayaking, outdoor yard projects, and helping my brother-in-law on his feedlot whenever the opportunity knocks.

Dad and grandpa were carpenters, so that tends to run a little thick in my blood causing me to sporadically grab the chisels, saws, sanders, or carving knives and build things out of wood some of which consists of [but certainly not limited to] end tables, bedroom furniture and even carving and painting fishing lures which my son and I really enjoy doing. (yes they actually catch fish too). Apart from that, BBQ Grilling, fixing small engines or interior renovation projects are another pastime I enjoy too. To summarize, I like doing anything and everything, but there’s never enough time in a year to check them all off the list.

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