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It’s fast and easy.  Spread the word and get paid while doing it!

We love to hear our customers tell us all about their Riomax® results!  Even better, we would love for you to tell your neighbors, your friends, your relatives and even the person on the street about how you are positively impacted by better forage utilization, improved fertility and increased weaning weights.   

It’s exactly why we created the Riomax® Payback Time Referral program!  An easy program designed to reward ranchers for spreading the good word.     

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Tell someone who has never used Riomax® about our product.   
  2. Fill out the form by CLICKING HERE
  3. Don’t like filling out forms, no problem!  Call us at 888-762-3299 and we can discuss over the phone instead. 
  4. Once they order our Riomax® products, you’ll get a kickback!   

Size up your rewards.  Once your referral has ordered their first order of Riomax®, we’ll send you a referral check.  If they order 3-9 ton, you will receive $50 dollars a ton cutback on their first order.  Now let’s say he is a larger producer and orders ten ton or more.  You get $100 dollars per ton on their first order!  On a 20-ton order, that’s $2,000 in your pocket!  

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