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Rio Nutrition is honored to have the opportunity to be on the cover of American Cattlemen again as part of another featured article. In the last year, Rio Nutrition has been featured in the November 2015 and the March 2016 issues of American Cattlemen.

Impacting Ranching Profits

American Cattlemen March 2016 IssueIn a recent interview, Maura Keller from American Cattlemen, spoke with Rio Nutrition Founder, Trevor Greenfield about how Rio Nutrition continues to have a steady growth and presence across North America. The article dug deep into what Rio Nutrition is doing to impact rancher’s profits.

“We are in the business of helping the profitability and sustainability of North American’s Ranchers, and naturally we love what we do. There’s not a week that goes by that results don’t come pouring in – from conception rates to calving results, to our service, consumption guarantee, and our delivery."

The conversation went into the passion that Greenfield had right from the beginning in that one car garage where the business started. They discussed how that passion has continued into the business that it has become today.

“We still carry those same business values that we had at our beginning throughout the company this includes the personal trust relationships we have with our customers. We treat customers as individuals. We are not peddling products. We are helping ranchers achieve what they are trying to achieve”

University of Minnesota’s Nutrizorb Research

The American Cattleman article also includes information about a recent study performed by the University of Minnesota on our Nutrizorb Digestion Enhancer. It was good to know that Dr. Alfredo DiConstanzo, professor of beef cattle management at the U of M wanted to put the magnifying glass on products.

The results were astounding! In the words of Dr. Alfredo DiConstanzo:

“So I can jump the quality of my hay from 56% to 59% using Nutrizorb. Nutrizorb changes the dynamic of digestion.”

He went on to say that he has done studies on many, many products to date but nothing has come close to the consistent effects of Nutrizorb. This study has proven the science behind what we are doing.

Read More Study Results

Rio Partners With Progressive Ranchers

The interview concluded with Greenfield explaining how Rio partners with progressive, mid to large ranchers with 500+ head of cattle. And what Rio can do to help these ranchers focus on what they can control, the tangible things they can do to protect their profits.

“We invite ranchers to reach out to Rio Nutrition in view of increasing conception rates, getting more caught in the first cycle so you have more pounds to market in the fall, and get more out of your forages. All of these things are tangible things we can do to help the profitability of a ranching business.”

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