How Does Riomax® Fight Scours in Calves?

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Last updated on October 5th, 2023 at 03:27 pm

3.5 minute video on how Riomax helps fight scours

Are scours a common problem in your cattle herd? If so, you’re not alone. Ranchers all across North America are working to eliminate them because the labor and treatments that scours require are time-consuming and expensive. We feel your pain!

As calving season approaches, you may be extra wary of scours and the negative impact they can have on brand new calves. If calves don’t have a strong immune system built up, they have a higher chance of succumbing to the disease. At the end of the day, dead calves can’t be sold, and it means lost dollars for you.

So, what can be done? How can you prepare ahead of time and reduce scours in your herd before it’s too late?

It’s not a hopeless case. Here at Riomax®, we’ve seen countless operations reduce the number of scours cases (if not eliminate them completely) by simply providing their cows with the quality minerals they need. Riomax® products have a couple of key components that work synergistically to fight scours in cattle. 

By reducing scours in your herd, you’re not only saving calves, but you’re also saving your money and your time.

What is scours?

Scours is a way of saying the calf has diarrhea or inflammation of the intestinal tract.  Although most cases occur at less than a month of age, the majority happenwithin the first 16 days of life.  Calves may lose their desire to nurse which results in loss of water and electrolytes, resulting in dehydration.  With a calf being 70% water at birth, prevention is key and treatment should be swift.  Calves may be depressed, too weak to stand and if left untreated, death may occur within 24 hours.   

Causes of scours 

Scours can be caused by a variety or combination of things. 

  • Disgusting parasites such as Cryptosporidium which damages the intestinal lining and cause an abnormal amount of watery diarrhea 
  • Bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella 
  • Nasty viruses such as coronavirus or rotavirus 
  • Nutritional health of the mother 
  • Overcrowding 

The essential components to reduce & prevent scours in cattle

There are three elements in every Riomax® product that work collaboratively together in order to fight scours. It’s important to understand each of these components because not just one of them could do the job on their own.

1. Multi-Component Yeast

You may be wondering, what is a ‘multi-component’ yeast? This yeast, known as Riomune® yeast, contains not only MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides), but 4 other components that work together to tie up and flush out the bad bacteria. While many people use just MOS to fight scours, Riomune® yeast uses that plus other elements. This means it can do a better job of fighting off scours and keeping them out. MOS on its own is a great product that definitely does help in scour prevention. But having additional components in the yeast pack simply helps to cut a wider swath. Not does Riomune® get rid of the bad bacteria, but it also prevents parasites like coccidia from attaching to the gut wall. This all has a direct correlation to reducing and prevent scours in your herd. 

Many believe that prevention is necessary for the calf itself, but it is actually more beneficial to begin the preventative process with the mother cow at least 60 days prior to calving.  As the mother cow consumes our Riomax® formula, the detrimental, scour-causing bacteria are tied up and flushed out. Then, they are no longer a threat to any animal, even if consumed again! How does that work? Because they are permanently bound to the Riomune® Yeast, they are unable to reattach themselves to the intestine wall.  If the mother cow has an adequate feeding period on Riomax® prior to calving, the risk of scours diminishes.   

2. Quality Digestion Enhancer

The second important element in reducing scours is a high-quality digestion pack. Riomax products use a digestion powerhouse called Nutrizorb®. This digestion enhancer is made up of numerous components (in addition to yeast) that strengthen and build the health of the rumen. Some of the ingredients are designed specifically to work together to stimulate and activate the good bugs in the rumen (rumen microbes). Having more good bugs in the rumen will aid the digestion efficiency in your animals and improve their immune system. Having a healthy gut and immune system is paramount in order for animals to fight off sickness and scours as they grow. 

Another ingredient in the Riomax® formulas is diatomaceous earth.  Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sand extracted from the earth.  It is a cleanser for the digestive tract, and mechanically splices any internal parasites present in the animal.   

3. 100% Protected Trace Minerals

Many people disregard cattle mineral as a tool to help fight scours, but it’s actually an important part of the synergistic blend needed to effectively fight scours. Riomax uses Esqort® rumen bypass key trace minerals, which are 100% protected, to work together with the yeast and digestion components to fight scours and additional diseases. It’s so important for animals to get these key trace minerals (like copper, zinc, manganese, and selenium) into their system on a regular basis. If an animal becomes deficient in any mineral, they are more likely to succumb to diseases. Dr. Hall, an animal science professor out West, stated that if mineral is not making it to the animal’s bloodstream, they will become deficient, and their immune status will diminish.  

Read a transcript of Dr. Hall’s presentations on mineral deficiencies (especially in calves).

Ready to reduce scours in your own herd?

With this compound of ingredients, Riomax® gets those invaders out and into the manure where they are rendered useless.  It’s an all-natural process, so Riomax® is a great option alongside many value-added programs you may participate in.

We’d encourage you to take action, for the sake of your herd, and for the sake of your own time and money. Reducing and preventing scours on your operation is possible with the use of the right tools.

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