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Scours is a way of saying the calf has diarrhea or inflammation of the intestinal tract.  Although most cases occur at less than a month of age, the majority happenwithin the first 16 days of life.  Calves may lose their desire to nurse which results in loss of water and electrolytes, resulting in dehydration.  With a calf being 70% water at birth, prevention is key and treatment should be swift.  Calves may be depressed, too weak to stand and if left untreated, death may occur within 24 hours.   

Causes of scours 

Scours can be caused by a variety or combination of things. 

  • Disgusting parasites such as Cryptosporidium which damages the intestinal lining and cause an abnormal amount of watery diarrhea 
  • Bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella 
  • Nasty viruses such as coronavirus or rotavirus 
  • Nutritional health of the mother 
  • Overcrowding 

What can Riomax® livestock supplements do for you to prevent and treat scours?   

The Riomax® products contain the Riomune® 5 component Yeast which includes MOS that helps tie up those harmful bacteria and flush them out.  Many believe that prevention is necessary in the calf itself, but it is actually more beneficial to begin the preventative process with the mother cow at least 60 days prior to calving.  As the mother cow consumes our Riomax® formula, the negative, scour causing bacteria are tied up and flushed out and are no longer a threat to any animal even if consumed again as they are permanently bound to the Riomune® Yeast and are not able to reattach themselves to the intestine wall.  If she has an adequate feeding period on Riomax® prior to calving, the risk of scours diminishes.   

Our 100% rumen-bypass mineral package is also beneficial because the mother cow can sufficiently meet her nutritional requirements, building up the immune systems of both herself and her calf.  A better immune system might not prevent scours completely, but the calf will have a much higher chance of fighting off any form of disease.   

Another ingredient in our Riomax® formulas is diatomaceous earth.  Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sand extracted from the earth.  It is a cleanser for the digestive tract, and mechanically splices any internal parasites present in the animal.   

With this compound of ingredients, Riomax® gets those invaders out and into the manure where they are rendered useless.  It’s an all-natural process, so Riomax® is a great option alongside many value-added programs you may participate in.

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