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Our Story

“I had a vision – a dream – to help ranchers
by developing products that help with digestion…
it was like a light had come on, and it seemed
as if a whole new world had opened up”
       – Founder

The fledgling business which was started out of a 1-car garage in Southwest Minnesota was no different to other dealers out there. We were selling antibiotics, feed medications and vaccines to producers in a 15 mile radius. We were frustrated, we were nothing more than a me-too operation, bringing no real value to the livestock industry. We wanted to become a partner to the livestock industry, however at that point in time this was no more than a dream.

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It was gazing out of this 1-car garage, looking out onto the cornfields, that the founder had the vision – as simple as it was – to get on the same side of the fence as the rancher, by developing products to improve digestion. It was like a light had come on, and it seemed as if a whole new world had opened up.

We had started on the journey that we are still on today – one that has made an impression on countless ranching operations across North America. What started as a single digestion ingredient in our recipes has evolved into a multi-component digestion powerhouse. The sulfates and oxides in every recipe were replaced over the years with what is now a 100% protected trace mineral. And the 15 mile radius has changed too. We now cover all of North America, with our focus being in ranching areas of US and Canada. While many things have changed along the way, our commitment – one that stemmed from that vision in that one car garage – has never changed.

Why Riomax?

We build relationships with ranchers that last for years.

There’s a big difference between an order taker, and a partner to help you solve problems and earn more. We take the time to understand the needs, goals and challenges specific to your operation. Then we make recommendations, aligned with your goals, to fit your specific program.

Your dedicated account manager will help you choose the right formula and amount most appropriate for the current seasonal conditions.


The best way to keep cows in the pasture longer, and reduce your cost to feed, is to help them absorb more nutrients and graze less. Riomax® pulls more protein and energy out of forages so you can stretch your resources further than ever.


Your cattle likely have different nutritional needs than those in other regions. That’s why Riomax® covers the gamut of nutritional needs. Your cattle may pull different nutrients than others, but they all get exactly what they need. Riomax® fills the gaps so it can work equally well in any region.


There are so many things ranchers can’t control, like the weather and the markets. Here’s something you can. Give your cattle the nutrition they need to thrive.

  • Our Mission

    To continually build a stronger business culture that offers superior value to our clients, empowers our workforce and benefits our community.

  • Our Vision

    To understand ranchers in view of helping them achieve their goals.

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