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Corrientes Keep the Purdy Ranch Running

It’s been said that tough times don’t last but tough people do. So what about wild, uncertain, and just plain crazy times?

Chad Ledbetter

For This Oklahoma Farm and Ranch Family, Diversification is the Key to Success

“We’re a multi-faceted operation,” he says. “We farm and ranch.” The family runs around 800 cows, has a small feedlot on the ranch, and farms corn, wheat, and soybeans, much of which is feed for the cattle.


Spreading Out (Grazing) Helps This Rancher Pay the Bills.

In times like these, looking beyond the obvious and searching for the innovative is not just necessary, it’s essential. That truism not only applies to your decisions on inputs, it applies to every part of your management plan and long-term outlook. That’s how Emmit sees it. He owns Spring Creek Cattle Company based in Hermosa, S.D., a cow-calf operation he leases from his family’s LLC.

Dan Skeels featured img

Making the Beef Business Better.

Skeels was the third generation to call the Anchor D Ranch home, then a commercial cow-calf operation near Rimbey, Alberta. The fourth generation is firmly embedded in the seedstock cattle business on what is now called Anchor D Simmentals Ltd. Dan believes in being transparent & producing quality cattle is paramount.

Matt Thompson Story Img

Keeping it Natural With Time-Tested Tradition

Thompson’s a fourth-generation rancher in eastern Idaho, running 400 mama cows, plus replacements and bulls, on a commercial cow-calf outfit that his ancestors started in 1910. In fact, his ranching roots run even deeper than that… but he has his eyes and his goals fixed firmly on the future.

X-One Ranch Feat Img

Finding Ranch Success: Value-Added Programs and a Business Mindset

Two hundred and fifty square miles and 29 different pastures covering private, state and federal land. Anywhere from 600 to 900 cows, depending on rainfall or lack thereof and resulting pasture conditions. Elevation change from 3,200 feet of high desert in northwest Arizona to 6,500 feet mountainous lands.

Kim Siebert Family Feat img

Going With The Flow.

Sometimes life takes you in directions you never intended to go. This Kim Siebert knows well. Indeed, the Henderson, Neb., Angus and Red Angus seedstock producer never intended to be a genetics supplier. His dad was a feedlot operator and Siebert thought to become a commercial cow-calf producer.

Dean Wiegand Featured Image

Good Doin’ Cattle for the Northern Rancher

Dean Wiegand of Westlock, Alberta hasn’t always been in the ranching business. He’s also a heavy-duty mechanic, working for John Deere before striking out on his own. “My dream was always to farm,” he says.

Chase Hayden Family

Hayden Ranch Finds its Ace in the Hole.

There are a lot of things a beef producer can say about 2021. Of those, goodbye may be the kindest. It was indeed a year of challenges—markets down then up; too hot and too dry in many places; wet enough but maybe not quite enough in others. In times like those, you have to do a little thinking outside the normal groove.

ed parke cows in winter

Making it Work with Tubs ‘n Year-Round Grazing.

Ed Parke makes a claim that the younger set can’t compete with. No, it’s not that he knows more than they do. It’s that he’s made more mistakes. Time will tell whether or not the younger generation in farming and ranching will compete with him in that regard.

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