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chad sears

Remote Ranching the Easy Way

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention. In Chad Sears’ case, necessity was the driver for innovation, for taking a hard look at surviving drought and holding the herd together.

john sisk

Ranching in the High Desert Country of New Mexico

If you want to stump John Sisk, ask him for his definition of a good rancher. He’ll talk all day about genetics, pasture conditions, weather, weaning weights, breed-up and the rest of the many day-to-day things that occupy a rancher’s mind…

Brad Harris

Keeping the Culture in Agriculture Alive

Having a sustainable operation to bring the next generation back to is a big deal for this 19th Century homesteaded family ranch.

Casey Hilmes

First-Generation Cattleman Makes His Mark in the Show Cattle World

Do you have to be part of a multi-generation ranching family to get a start in the cattle business? Nope. Just ask Casey Hilmes. What you do need is passion, a work ethic, and mentors. That’s the triad that Hilmes employed to grow into a successful seedstock producer.

Dustin Heitkamp

Feed Efficiency Starts From the Ground Up

Want to know if your cows are getting enough protein? Just look down, says Dustin Heitkamp, a cow-calf producer from Wyndmere, North Dakota. “The one thing I think you should do is watch your manure. It tells you a lot,” he says.

Tim Douglas

Ranching in a Drought: It’s a Game of Cat and Mouse

“Two years ago was bad. Last year was bad. This year (2022) is worse, and the calves are still doing very well. The cows are doing good, too.”

Drought and heavy weaning calves. Drought and contented cows. Those things go together about like a cat at a mouse convention. Things can go south in short order. Especially if you’re the mouse.

Ralph Stock

Three Tringle Ranch: Keeping the Ranching Ethic Alive

Ask Ralph Stock for his definition of a good rancher and he sums his thoughts succinctly. “A good rancher is someone who cares as much for their cattle and their horses as they do their family.”

Carter Williams

Pasture Management & Water Distribution: A Tide That Raises All Ships

The desert of southeast Arizona can be a tough place to run a ranch. Pastures are big and sometimes rough and rocky and cows have to hustle and rustle to make a living.


Corrientes Keep the Purdy Ranch Running

It’s been said that tough times don’t last but tough people do. So what about wild, uncertain, and just plain crazy times?

Chad Ledbetter

For This Oklahoma Farm and Ranch Family, Diversification is the Key to Success

“We’re a multi-faceted operation,” he says. “We farm and ranch.” The family runs around 800 cows, has a small feedlot on the ranch, and farms corn, wheat, and soybeans, much of which is feed for the cattle.

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