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All it Takes is Time

Leslie Harrison initially resisted switching his cattle’s mineral supplement to Riomax® tubs, but by the end of 2023, he committed to using them on his 4,500-acre Hereford outfit in Oklahoma. Despite battling drought, Harrison observed improved cattle health and weight gain after just three months on Riomax, with reduced feed costs.

gabrian rancher story

Premium Care For The Cattle Has An Interesting Impact On The Business Of This Ranch

There’s more to ranching than meets the eye. Out at the Gabrian Ranch in Red Lodge, Montana, they take cattle treatment seriously. Managing anywhere from 170 to 200 head at a time, their priority lies in caring for their cattle with compassion and consistent attention.

Lane Larsen 3

A Healthy Ecosystem the Diamond Cross Way

“There’s a lot more going on here than just cows.” That’s saying a lot, because the Diamond Cross Ranch, Birney, Montana, has a lot of cows. And a lot of acres for those cows and a host of wildlife to live on. Hear how Lane Larsen, the ranch’s general manager, is building a healthy, functioning ecosystem with an array of wildlife, cattle, and Riomax.

Shane and Lindsay-thumb

On The Go With Regenerative Ranching

If you want to catch one of the Maddocks, you’ll have to move fast. That’s because they don’t stay in one place very long – just like their cattle. Shane & Lindsay Maddock of Maddock, North Dakota use regenerative and holistic management practices on their ranch. The basic philosophy is to work in concert with nature.

chuck davis

Fifth-Generation Rancher and Farmer Turns to Riomax® to Help His Bottom Line

The cattle business is a business of relationships. Neighbors helping neighbors, people working together so everyone can be successful. That’s how Chuck Davis, a rancher and farmer from Ashdown, Arkansas, sees things. And that’s how he learned about the benefits of Riomax® and became a dealer as well as a customer of the orange tubs.

jacob tejral

Taking Time to Do It Right

Jacob Tejral was at a trade show several years ago, killing time between speakers, when he started talking to a Riomax® dealer who had a booth. “So I started picking his brain about it and he had a lot of really good things to say.”

Then, the dealer grabbed some customers who walked by. “They gave me their testimony and it sounded like a pretty good deal.”

Jared Hunter

Management That Pays the Bills

Hunter always knew his future was to be a rancher. Growing up on a registered Red Angus operation in Alberta, Canada, gave him the background, knowledge, and confidence to go out on his own…

cody morgan

Starting Young, Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Cody Morgan was born to be a rancher. Trouble is, he wasn’t born on a ranch. That minor impediment proved to be no problem…

chad sears

Remote Ranching the Easy Way

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention. In Chad Sears’ case, necessity was the driver for innovation, for taking a hard look at surviving drought and holding the herd together.

john sisk

Ranching in the High Desert Country of New Mexico

If you want to stump John Sisk, ask him for his definition of a good rancher. He’ll talk all day about genetics, pasture conditions, weather, weaning weights, breed-up and the rest of the many day-to-day things that occupy a rancher’s mind…

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