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RIOMAX Dealer?

Thank you for coming and welcome to a solid, premium brand that has been established across US and Canada over the last 18 years. Before we go any further, we want to be sure we are upfront and honest with you because we are honest folks that are loyal partners.

Choosing the right dealers is important to us...and our customers!

We worked hard to build a strong brand that is recognized by results-driven ranchers across this continent. We want to ultimately uphold our customer experience...the experience our customers deserve and have come to expect. Our science, our quality, our passion and our integrity. None of that changes. As we keep saying, " we will never forget who we serve and who we are."

Dealer types that FIT

  • Dealers looking to GROW sales
  • Dealers that are well known and respected in their area
  • Progressive dealers focused on selling large quantities (no less than 3 ton)
  • Dealers that thoroughly understand the Riomax program & concepts and are able to clearly communicate and educate it to ranchers
  • Offer delivery in at least a 50 mile radius
  • Dealers that align with a premium brand
  • Dealers that are brand pure to Riomax (only offer Riomax products)
  • Dealers that are driven to deliver results to their rancher customers
  • Requirement: $25,000-35,000 initial investment
  • Requirement: inside storage for 10+ pallet spaces

Dealer types that DON'T FIT

  • Dealers that will just add it to their multiple other products and have it as an 'offering', not truly understanding and promoting the products
  • Fleet-farm chain stores
  • Dealers that are comfortable with just selling one or two tubs at a time
  • Dealers that sell less than 3 ton at a time


If you fit into the criteria of who we DO want...
Fill out the information below and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Become a Riomax Dealer
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