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Interested in Becoming A
RIOMAX Dealer?

Thank you for coming and welcome to a solid, premium brand that has been established across US and Canada over the last 20+ years. Before we go any further, we want to be sure we are upfront and honest with you because we are honest folks that are loyal partners.

Choosing the right dealers is important to us...and our customers!

We work hard to build & maintain a strong brand that is recognized by results-driven ranchers across this continent. We want to ultimately uphold our customer experience... the experience our customers deserve and have come to expect. Our science, our quality, our passion, and our integrity. None of that changes. As we always say, "We will never forget who we serve and who we are."

NOTE: At this time we are looking to build out our dealer network West half of North America.

Dealers that Fit

  • Ranchers/folks in the industry looking to add an additional revenue stream
  • Get 2,500 mother cows on the program year #1
  • Will use Riomax Tubs on their own cattle
  • Eager to learn and embrace the training
  • Willing to collaborate with their Rio territory Manager to help educate customers
  • Leverage existing connections and new ones through referral program
  • Can dollarize results to communicate ROI
  • Can clearly communicate Riomax impacts/science
  • Has customer's best interest in mind & driven to deliver results.
  • Brand-pure to Riomax (doesn't offer competing supplement options).
  • Passionate about helping the ranching industry

Unfit Dealers

  • Someone just looking to peddle some product
  • Someone looking to add an additional tub to their lineup
  • Feed stores/Cooperatives

NOTE: Non-ideal dealer profile applications will likely be refused (no hard feelings)

Listen to what other ranchers have to say about being Riomax dealers.

"I don't enjoy Sales. I have family and friends involved in it and I've always just known that's not for me. And so to see that I'm now in sales, technically, it just doesn't feel that way, because I'm just helping out my fellow ranchers. - It's just a great company to be involved with! - Everyone is just very friendly and helpful and just a good family owned company to work with. And I don't think you get to say that about a lot of other supplement companies."

Julie Gibson
Nazareth, TX

"The money is nice, but honestly I just really enjoy being able to help fellow producers! - So, to be able to bring something like this to someone's operation that can bring so much value, I just really love being able to do that. - We have seen the value in our own operation and I just want to be able to share that with other producers because we're all in this together"

Sara Lemburg
Ewing, NE

"I thought the time commitment would be a lot more intensive than it actually is, in my experience."

Bradley Franke
Brownfield, TX

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  • Adequate space required for storing & moving 10+ pallets
  • $25,000-$30,000 initial investment, with potential increased cashflow requirements going forward
  • Takes care of delivering, billing, collecting
  • Eligible for cutback based on annual sales

Reach out to see if there is a dealership opportunity in your neck of the woods!

If you fulfil the criteria of a FITTING dealer...
Fill out the information below and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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