Some of the results we impact include, but are not limited to:

  • 3%-10% increase in conception rates

  • Increase of up to 10-40 pounds in weaning weights

  • Forage/hay savings and/or stocking rates of up to 15%-30%

  • A decrease of calf health challenges

Rancher on horseback herding cattle

6 Real-Life Examples

Of ranchers who have impacted their economic model with Riomax®


Valentine, NE

Young Cows "outbreeding" running-age cows due to fetal programming.


Cottonwood, ID

Putting 5 cents per head per day in my packet and feeding Riomax® for free.


Eureka, SD

50lb heavier weaning weights and 30% increase in carrying capacity.


Douglas, WY

100% 2YO mothers rebred (90 day exposure) and eliminated coccidiosis, summer pneumonia, foot rot and cancer eyes.


Baker, MT

Added 63lbs to steers weaning weights.


New Castle, WY

Eliminated creep feed & increased weaning weights by 50-70lbs.

Riomax Case Study Graphic

Case Studies

Ranchers stories of years of using Riomax®, how they got started and some numbers they have seen.

Field Trials

Graphs, facts and year on
year results and numbers!

Milkfat Study

Increase in fat in milk test results.


Rancher Riomax® user’s comments and videos from across North America.

Riomax Dealer and Rancher

Save Have / Forages

save hay icon

Reduce Labor Costs

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Boost Fertility icon

Lower Input Costs

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Impact Weaning Weights

Weaning Weights

Optimize Genertic Potential

Genetic icon


  • Conception Rates
  • Tighter Breeding Window
  • AI Performance
  • Weaning Weights
  • Milk Production
  • Calf Health
  • Summer Pneumonia
  • Fetal Programming
  • Foot Rot
  • Grass Tetany
  • Forage/Hay Utilization
  • Fall Grazing
  • Body Score
  • Soil Health
  • Value Add Approved
  • Third Trimester Health
  • Calving Performance
  • Calf Vigor
  • Scours
  • Scrotal Development
  • Butterfat/Milkfat

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