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COSTGUARD90™ Consumption Guarantee

Every Riomax® lick tub comes with the COSTGUARD90™ consumption guarantee. A guaranteed consumption rate gives you complete peace of mind and enables you to forecast your actual input costs.

COSTGUARD90™ is calculated after 90 days of being on the product and in a minimum of 90-day increments ongoing.

If the situation was such that consumption on the lick tubs was higher than the guarantee after 90 days, we will provide you with FREE product to compensate the overconsumption.

It's simple...and the risk is off your shoulders.


Designed to be low consumption, Riomax® tubs average at 1/8 pound to 1/3 pound consumption per head per day.


What happens when you think your cows are consuming your Riomax® tubs too fast?


Rancher - Happily feeding Riomax® to his happy cows. One day thinks consumption is higher than it should be on Riomax® lick tubs.

Rancher - Phones up the Territory Rep at Rio - 888.762.3299

Territory Rep - Crunches numbers from the last 90 days with Rancher to determine if tubs are being consumed below or above the maximum rate for the number of animals and the timeframe.

Scenario 1. Territory Rep confirms tubs are being consumed under the maximum intake rate over the last 90 days and all is well. Rancher is happy! Cows are happy!

Scenario 2. Territory Rep confirms tubs are being consumed over the maximum rate for the last 90 days. Rep then makes arrangements to get the rancher free product as well as makes recommendations on what can be done differently to prevent overconsumption from happening in the future. Rancher is happy! Cows are happy!


No. Consumption is always calculated at the maximum intake rate stated on the tub label and averaged over a 90 day timeframe.

No, all groups will be calculated at the max intake stated on the tub label and be averaged over a 90 day timeframe.

Yes, consumption will just be calculated over a 90-day timeframe from the time the last tub ran empty.

Salt must be available at all times with the tubs, and you cannot collect a payout on overconsumption if you failed to provide unlimited access to salt. If you use block salt, offer a minimum of 1 block per 25 head.

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I'd swear by the Riomax® tubs to anyone! I have tried several other brands of tubs and you get the same thing - up and down consumption. But with Riomax® I just can’t believe how consistent consumption is!

Rancher Comment from North Dakota

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Consumption on these..what they say is where they stay.

Rancher Comment from South Dakota

How do you control the consumption on my Riomax® lick tubs?

Riomax® Lick Tubs are known for the outstanding control on consumption! A few factors that contribute to the controlled intake are:

Mineral Density

Riomax® tubs are extremely concentrated - loaded with very high levels of minerals, protected trace minerals and vitamins. This makes for a very mineral-dense block over against a soft, high consumption tub.


Because of the 100% protected trace minerals, and vitamins; livestock do not have to consume very much to meet their requirements. Protected Trace minerals are far more available to the bloodstream.

Improved Digestion

Nutrizorb® - our digestion enhancer package is added to every Riomax® lick tub to improve digestion and utilization of the animal's diet. This creates less demand on the tubs. The more nutrition an animal can capture out of their existing diet, the less they depend on the supplement.

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