COSTGUARD™ GUARANTEE:  COSTGUARD™ is a Riomax® lick tub consumption guarantee so that if the intake on the Riomax® lick tubs is higher than the specified amount, we will provide you with free product to compensate for the over consumption. The Riomax® tubs are very low intake with most having a guaranteed maximum of 1/4 or 1/3 lb/hd/day on cattle. During the initial 2 weeks of feeding and on small groups of cattle under 50 hd you can use the recommendations in the User Guide to manage consumption to help keep it within the recommended intake levels; however, the COSTGUARD™ guarantee is 0.10 lb/hd/day over the normal max intake rate for these groups and timeframes. Currently all Rio products are safe for horses.

Note; COSTGUARD™ does not cover horses and does not apply to Riomax® loose mineral or the Equus360 lick tub.


INTIAL TUB FEEDING:  Position tubs where cattle can easily locate them. Set 1 tub out to every 50 hd and monitor intake. Slight overconsumption can be expected during the first 2 weeks and the COSTGUARD™ guarantee is 0.10 lb/hd/day over the normal max intake rate during this timeframe.


STORAGE:  Tubs must be stored in a dry location ideally out of direct sunlight. Do not lay tubs on their sides. Do not stack 250 lb tubs more than 2 high, 125 lb tubs more than 3 high and 50 lb tubs more than 6 high.


ENVIROTUB: This biodegradable tub is an excellent choice for large pastures, mountain pastures, forest allotments, etc. Do not use in low/wet areas or areas of confinement. Use care when handling the Envirotub™ so as not to break or rip the top lip of the container, which could result in leakage over time.


FACTORS IMPACTING CONSUMPTION: Consumption levels may vary according to weather, size of animal, health status, stage of production, etc. The quality and availability of feedstuffs and water may also have an effect on consumption levels. Follow these guidelines to manage consumption in view of achieving the desired intakes.


HIGH CONSUMPTION: If consumption is higher than our recommended intakes we suggest removing some tubs to reduce available surface area. Place tubs away from areas where cattle tend to congregate.  Place one or two salt blocks on top of the tubs to decrease the surface area. Ensure there are other sources of salt available to the cattle. Use loose salt when possible.


LOW CONSUMPTION:  If consumption is lower than our recommended intakes we suggest adding additional tubs as needed. Place tubs in loafing area, wind-break area, or where the cattle are fed, rather than just by the water source. Place salt blocks on top of the tubs and remove all other sources of salt. In lush pasture situations, tub consumption is typically lower. To encourage consumption, remove all salt from the pasture, and set the tubs in the congregation areas, around water sources, in shelter areas, etc. Reintroduce salt once consumption has increased.


SALT & WATER: Always offer free-choice salt when feeding Riomax® unless consulted otherwise. In the event of high consumption make sure to offer loose salt. Always ensure fresh clean water is available.


SMALL GROUPS: By design, Riomax® lick tubs absorb moisture from the air which continually soften the exposed surface of the tub. Normally the more tubs (surface area) available per cow, the higher the rate of daily intake. If you have groups smaller than 50 hd, it may result in too much licking surface area being available to the cattle, and the COSTGUARD™ guarantee for these groups is 0.10 lb/hd/day over the normal max intake rate.  Move the tub away from the loafing area if possible and reduce the amount of exposed surface area by placing salt blocks or loose salt on top of the tub as needed.




Our goal is to provide a customer experience that is a breath of fresh air both to the dealer and to the end user. The Customer Care Team is available to answer any questions that you may have. Not sure about consumption, formulas, tub placement, etc – we’ve got your back – give us a call. There is always a real, living, breathing person just a phone call away.

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