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Interested in the farming and ranching industry, but don't have time to sit down and watch a video or read an article? Tune in to The Riomax® Tailgate Talks to listen to discussions on relevant, season-specific topics like weaning, wintering, breeding, and calving. Hear ranchers from across the nation discuss how their operations have overcome hardships and become profitable and sustainable, for today and tomorrow.

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Jesse Burleigh: Year-Round Herd Optimization Podcast

Jesse Burleigh, a 3rd generation rancher from central Montana, runs a 500-head cow/calf operation. Tune into this brief conversation between Jesse and Haidee, one of the Riomax® territory representatives, to learn more about Jesse's operation, why he started using the Riomax® product, and what kind of results he's seen since. From huge hay savings to increased weaning weights, a smooth calving season (while his neighbors were struggling), and a content herd, Jesse said he's impressed.

Trent Hendricks: Holistic Management Podcast


Trent Hendricks, vice president of the American Grassfed Association, ranches in Southern Missouri. He uses Holistic Management, which enables him to put an emphasis on energy, food, and the health of ecosystems around him. Hear Trent talk about his sheep and beef operation, their solar sites, and how Riomax® is the puzzle piece that has helped them to stay 100% grassfed with even the poorest quality forages.

Steve Yackley: Driving Genetic Success Podcast


Steve Yackley, the manager of the TransOva Genetics center in Onida, South Dakota, discusses his ranch background and involvement with TransOva, his experience with Riomax® livestock supplements and how they have helped drive his success, and gives advice to ranchers on the importance of supplementing a quality mineral program for their herd.


Webinar Excerpt: Dr. Hall on Rancher Roundtable


Extracted from a webinar presentation, this podcast of Dr. Hall speaking is extremely enlightening for ranchers to hear, especially around calving season. Dr. Hall, a long-time professor from Utah State University specializes in vitamin/mineral deficiencies in cattle. In this podcast, he specifically addresses deficiency problems, causes and diagnoses in beef calves. He provides powerful insight into what he sees on a day-to-day basis at the diagnostic lab, allowing producers to have the information they need to make informed decisions to better their bottom line at the end of the year.

Webinar Excerpt: Will Harris on Soil Health Summit Podcast

This excerpt will take you on a trip down to the southwestern corner of Georgia. Mr. Will Harris, owner and operator of White Oak Pastures, which is the largest organic farm in Georgia, joined a recent Soil Health Webinar to share his knowledge and experience. He speaks about his multi-generational, multi-species, vertically integrated system and how they continuously strive to positively impact the whole cycle: regenerative land management, humane animal treatment, and improving the rural community. Will also discusses how they are working to implement solar site grazing, and finishes off by sharing an excellent tip for producers just starting out on their journey.

Webinar Excerpt: Jerry Doan on Soil Health Summit Podcast

Jerry Doan and his family ranch in North Dakota on an operation that was homesteaded in 1882 by Jerry's Great-Grandfather. Hear Jerry speak to a subject he's passionate about: holistic management that makes sense. He believes that holistic management is not some far-out-there thing, but rather, a way to make ranching profitable, enjoyable, and multi-generational. Jerry feels that any management principles, whether holistic or soil health, should always be adapted to your own individual operation. Listen for yourself; Jerry's passion for what he does shines through in this brief webinar excerpt.

Webinar Recordings: Rick Austin on Western Canada Beef Webinar Podcast

Rick Austin works as the Riomax® representative at Mistol Seeds in St. Paul, Alberta. The dealership started offering Riomax® in 2019, and has since gathered countless stories from happy customers using Riomax. Listen to Rick as he goes over his experience in selling the Riomax® tubs and how they've helped his customers improve conception rates, feed efficiency, weaning weights, and reduce herd sickness.

Webinar Recordings: Ray Danyluk on Western Canada Beef Webinar Podcast

Ray Danyluk, from Elk Point, Alberta discusses his 50 years of experience in raising cattle and how Riomax has come into play on his operation. He first started feeding Riomax during calving season to help eliminate Coccideosis in his calves, and now feeds it year-round. Hear Ray talk about additional results he's seen, like tightening his breeding window and reducing calf stress during weaning, and why he feels that feeding Riomax year-round is key to success.

Webinar Recordings: Barry & Dora Brown on Western Canada Beef Webinar Podcast

Barry & Dora Brown, owners and operators of Bar Double D Ranch in Saskatchewan, have been ranching for about 19 years now. Barry and his wife have always believed in providing a mineral tub of some sort to their cattle, and they track things carefully on their ranch. When they first decided to use Riomax on their small herd, they felt the cost was "pretty brutal". But soon, they began to notice small differences in their cows and calves. Those differences added up quickly, and when they stopped using Riomax for a short time, their overall cost actually increased, even though the tubs they were using had a cheaper upfront cost. Hear them tell their story, and why they continue to use Riomax to this day.

Webinar Recordings: Mary Meyer on All Things Riomax®


Mary Meyer, a Riomax® dealer from Montana, tells a few of her favorite stories about carrying Riomax® at her dealership. Originally, Mary always believed, "if it's too good to be true, it is". Why should Riomax® be any different? After trying to think of every excuse NOT to stock Riomax®, she was finally convinced to give it a try. Hear Mary share her experiences ever since!

Webinar Recordings: Mike Stark on Pathways to Profit


Mike Stark, a rancher from Baker, Montana, shares his long-time experiences with Riomax®. Once a skeptic, he now has the results and statistics to prove that it's worth calculating your cost per head per day instead of focusing on the upfront price. Mike discusses how he sat down with his banker, and soon discovered exactly how much he was saving by supplementing Riomax®.

Webinar Recordings: Shane Keller on All Things Riomax®


Shane Keller, a commercial cow/calf producer from the sandhills of Nebraska, talks about the importance of fertility and fetal imprinting. He discusses profitability on his ranch and how Riomax® has enabled his herd to become more efficient and productive. Best of all, Shane shares how his results keep getting better, year after year.

Webinar Excerpt: Kim Siebert on Rancher Roundtable

Kim Siebert is passionate about cattle - always has been, and always will be. Kim and his son farm and ranch in Southeastern Nebraska. He first started using the Riomax lick tubs a few years ago, and although Kim admits that the Riomax price tag is "a little bit scary", he's been using the product long enough now to realize that the benefits make it worth it. As Kim notes, you may not notice any drastic differences in the first year, but as you get into years two and three of using the product, you'll be amazed.
Kim noticed that many of his "little headaches" began disappearing. Things like fewer, if any, cows to clean, less problems with bloating, and reduced calf sickness issues. On top of that, Kim says it's "fun working with somebody who is results-driven and trying to sell me a solution to my problems".

Webinar Excerpt: Del Ficke on Soil Health Summit Podcast

Del Ficke, with Ficke Cattle Company out of Pleasant Dale, Nebraska, joined us for a recent Soil Health Webinar. Del and his family are 5th generation farmers who work every day to get back to their roots; to bring back the wisdom of the past while weaving in modern innovation. In this brief speech, Del touches on diversity in the rumen and how it feeds everything in the soil. Essentially, how genetics above the ground work synergistically together with genetics beneath the ground.

Webinar Recordings: Ed Parke on Western Canada Beef Webinar Podcast

Ed Parke ranches in East Central Alberta and has been using Riomax on his cow herd for years. The way he puts it is, "When I got in trouble was when I quit using them [Riomax]!" Although he thought he was saving money by using a tub with a cheaper upfront price, he discovered it was actually more expensive on a cost per head per day basis. Hear Ed discuss how Riomax has helped him work with nature and get more out of his existing forages, even the 'worthless slough grass'!

Webinar Recordings: Danny Schwab on Western Canada Beef Webinar Podcast

When Danny Schwab from Southern Saskatchewan first heard the Riomax claims about increased calf weight gain, feed savings, and a consumption guarantee, he wanted to try it out for himself. Was what he heard true? Danny has now been feeding Riomax for 3 years and has eliminated loose mineral, decreased feed costs, improved conception rates by about 5%, increased weaning weights by nearly 30 pounds, and has better overall herd health. He said as long as Riomax keeps showing him good results, he's going to stick with it!

Webinar Recordings: Kevin Stopanski on All Things Riomax®


A 3rd generation rancher from Southern Alberta, Kevin Stopanski, shares the path he took to becoming a Riomax® user. Discover how Riomax® helped Kevin increase calf weights (even during a dry year) and achieve 100% breed-up. Plus, hear Kevin discuss how he swath-grazes his cattle to help him reduce feed costs.

Webinar Recordings: Dr. Hall on Pathways to Profit


You may have heard of Dr. Jeffery Hall before (we like to call him 'the mineral guru of The West'); he is a professor at Utah State University and the Head of Diagnostic Toxicology. In this 30-minute excerpt, Dr. Hall discusses a very important topic in the cattle industry: mineral deficiencies. Discover the true economic impact of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in cattle herds across North America.

Webinar Recordings: Kurt Luoma on All Things Riomax®


Kurt Luoma from Montana once stated that "Riomax® just seemed awful high-end". But when no other mineral program seemed to work, he decided it was time to try out Riomax®, despite the upfront cost. Hear Kurt tell his story, and discover how Riomax® helped him improve the overall efficiency of his cattle herd, save hay, increase body score condition, and more!

Webinar Recordings: Tom Schnabel on All Things Riomax®


Tom Schnabel runs a Seedstock operation in South Dakota. Listen to him discuss how he has been able to reduce input costs, increase carrying capacity and breed up, improve herd health, and get far more out of the forages he already has. Tom agrees, a quality supplement can seem expensive, but he also states that you must "spend money to make money".

Webinar Recordings: Larry Chamberlain on All Things Riomax®


Larry Chamberlain, an experienced rancher from Wyoming, shares how Riomax® herd health programs have helped him through tough times. Living in dry, Eastern Wyoming, Larry used to struggle with a high death loss, but saw drastic improvements once he began supplementing Riomax®. He states, "efficiency is the name of the game... it all boils down to how many calves you actually sell". Tune in and hear Larry speak the results himself!

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