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Interested in the farming and ranching industry, but don't have time to sit down and watch a video or read an article? Tune in to The Riomax® Tailgate Talks to listen to discussions on relevant, season-specific topics like weaning, wintering, breeding, and calving. Hear ranchers from across the nation discuss how their operations have overcome hardships and become profitable and sustainable, for today and tomorrow.

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S1, EP1, Steve Yackley: Driving Genetic Success

Steve Yackley, the manager of the TransOva Genetics center in Onida, South Dakota, discusses his ranch background and involvement with TransOva, his experience with Riomax® livestock supplements and how they have helped drive his success, and gives advice to ranchers on the importance of supplementing a quality mineral program for their herd.

S1, EP2, Josh Freiburger: Crunching Numbers


Josh Freiberger, a 5th generation cow/calf producer and 1st generation seedstock producer from Alliance, Nebraska shares how his operation runs and has benefited from using the Riomax® herd-health program. Josh discusses how his cattle work for a living and build their own immune system to survive. He also goes over how they've reduced waste, input costs, and improved overall herd performance.


Webinar Recordings: Mary Meyer on All Things Riomax®

Mary Meyer, a Riomax® dealer from Montana, tells a few of her favorite stories about carrying Riomax® at her dealership. Originally, Mary always believed, "if it's too good to be true, it is". Why should Riomax® be any different? After trying to think of every excuse NOT to stock Riomax®, she was finally convinced to give it a try. Hear Mary share her experiences ever since!

Webinar Recordings: Mike Stark on Pathways to Profit

Mike Stark, a rancher from Baker, Montana, shares his long-time experiences with Riomax®. Once a skeptic, he now has the results and statistics to prove that it's worth calculating your cost per head per day instead of focusing on the upfront price. Mike discusses how he sat down with his banker, and soon discovered exactly how much he was saving by supplementing Riomax®.

Webinar Recordings: Larry Chamberlain on All Things Riomax®

Larry Chamberlain, an experienced rancher from Wyoming, shares how Riomax® herd health programs have helped him through tough times. Living in dry, Eastern Wyoming, Larry used to struggle with a high death loss, but saw drastic improvements once he began supplementing Riomax®. He states, "efficiency is the name of the game... it all boils down to how many calves you actually sell". Tune in and hear Larry speak the results himself!

Webinar Recordings: Shane Keller on All Things Riomax®

Shane Keller, a commercial cow/calf producer from the sandhills of Nebraska, talks about the importance of fertility and fetal imprinting. He discusses profitability on his ranch and how Riomax® has enabled his herd to become more efficient and productive. Best of all, Shane shares how his results keep getting better, year after year.

Webinar Recordings: Kevin Stopanski on All Things Riomax®

A 3rd generation rancher from Southern Alberta, Kevin Stopanski, shares the path he took to becoming a Riomax® user. Discover how Riomax® helped Kevin increase calf weights (even during a dry year) and achieve 100% breed-up. Plus, hear Kevin discuss how he swath-grazes his cattle to help him reduce feed costs.

Webinar Recordings: Dr. Hall on Pathways to Profit

You may have heard of Dr. Jeffery Hall before (we like to call him 'the mineral guru of The West'); he is a professor at Utah State University and the Head of Diagnostic Toxicology. In this 30-minute excerpt, Dr. Hall discusses a very important topic in the cattle industry: mineral deficiencies. Discover the true economic impact of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in cattle herds across North America.

Webinar Recordings: Kurt Luoma on All Things Riomax®

Kurt Luoma from Montana once stated that "Riomax® just seemed awful high-end". But when no other mineral program seemed to work, he decided it was time to try out Riomax®, despite the upfront cost. Hear Kurt tell his story, and discover how Riomax® helped him improve the overall efficiency of his cattle herd, save hay, increase body score condition, and more!

Webinar Recordings: Tom Schnabel on All Things Riomax®

Tom Schnabel runs a Seedstock operation in South Dakota. Listen to him discuss how he has been able to reduce input costs, increase carrying capacity and breed up, improve herd health, and get far more out of the forages he already has. Tom agrees, a quality supplement can seem expensive, but he also states that you must "spend money to make money".

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