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John McIntyre

John & Catherine McIntyre

Refugio, TX

Riomax® Customer Since 2019

Herd Details

  • Breed: Bonsmara
  • Calving Date: Was Feb - April, Now Jan - March
  • Weaning Date: Was Nov - Dec, Now Oct
  • Weaning Weight: Steers avg 519 lb. Bulls avg 715 lb.

Fast Facts

  • Weaning weights avg 100 lb increase
  • 25% increase in conception rates
  • Tremendous herd health and body condition through severe drought
  • Reduced amount of hay fed during severe drought
  • Increased bull and heifer sales

The Story

Riomax® is a great product that has improved the health of our cows, bulls and calves in record time. We began using this product January 3, 2020, and the positive results were almost immediate. The cows have shiny coats, the calves weigh 100 pounds heavier, and the bulls have been more prolific. Our herd has never looked better! Even if the product was not so effective and of such high quality, I would want to continue trying it because of the excellent service provided by Jimmy Pawlik (my local dealer) and his family. They saw a need, took an interest and delivered a positive solution. They really care about the development of our herd of Bonsmara cattle.

We were using traditional feeding methods – hay, tubs of mineral, salt licks and cubes. The herd was developing and producing to satisfaction. Mr. Pawlik visited our ranch and liked our Bonsmara cattle. He told us about the potential of the product he had and asked us to try Riomax®. He is a reputable and believable gentleman with vast experience in the cattle industry, so we agreed. What a difference it has made!

In a drought-ridden year of dust in South Texas, our dark red cattle are gleaming with health and vitality. We had the largest calf crop ever. The calves weigh 100 pounds more than the highest weights we have recorded at weaning. Even the flies have diminished. We just experienced the driest 15-month period in the last 10 years with diminished grass growth. The cattle improved so quickly that we did not even put out hay. Our average steer weighed 410 pounds in 2018. In 2020 our average steer weighed 519 pounds. Our heifers gained accordingly, weighing 389 pounds on average in 2018 and in 2020 weighing 508 pounds on average. And the bulls did the best of all increasing from an average of 421 pounds in 2018 to 715 pounds in 2020! Riomax® caused positive change in the challenging year of 2020!

We had an exceptional conception rate in 2020 as well. Ninety-one percent (91%) of our cows bred in the spring were declared pregnant by our veterinarian upon palpation. That is an increase of 25% over previous years. The calves were so much heavier that we were able to pull them off the cows 5 weeks earlier. Our bulls looked so impressive that we sold several more than anticipated. We gained two new heifer customers in the past year and I attribute it to Riomax®. The increased nutrition levels in the cattle are evident everywhere – they have never looked this good.

We are happy customers of Riomax® and believe the product is essential to the long-term prosperity of the Ninth Generation cattle herd.

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