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Rio Wishard

Rio Wishard

Trail, MN

Riomax® Customer Since 2013

Herd Details

  • 300 Mother Cows

Fast Facts

  • Noticed less hay consumption and the cows were doing better than they did with the other supplements, we tried over the years
  • In six years of feeding biodegradable tubs we have seen heavier calves, improved pregnancy rates, cows’ winter better even on poor hay and no garbage to pick up
  • Calves lick on tubs right away

The Story

“We fed tubs from November through March for two years.  In the summers of 2013 & 2014, we were very dry and had terrible pregnancy rates.  We were selling 70 – 100 females each fall. So, we made a change!

In May of 2015, we switched to the Protector PG™ tub with flax and fed it through September 15.  Although 2015 was just as dry as the previous two years, our pregnancy rate improved 11% on the yearling’s, 18% on the two year old’s and 13% on cows.  You can say the poor breeding cows had already been eliminated, but I’m convinced at least half of the improvement was due to the Riomax® tubs.  The replacement heifers are weaned in November and get free choice salt, good hay and the Riomax® tubs.  They end up eating right away since they have been alongside mom all summer, licking on those biodegradable tubs.  Our pregnancy rates on them with this program while breeding in July and August runs about 7% open and 93% bred.

We have feed Riomax® tubs year-round to the cattle since 2015 and have never had consumption over 1/3 lb per day per head.  Cows are in great shape for winter each fall.  When you compare the Riomax® tubs to others, they have a big sticker price but wait till you see the results.”

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