Colorado Bison Trial – Conception Rates & Weaning Weights

“These tubs are making me money. Weaning weights up to 410 from 380 and conception rates at almost 92% and had been averaging 85%”

Historically this herd of 260 bison cows had been averaging 85% bred and calf weaning weights were averaging 380 lbs. The bison herd was started on the Riomax tubs in summer of 2016 in an attempt to increase conception rates and weaning weights. In 2017 the calves weaned off at 410 lbs and the cows bred back at almost 92% with one group of 48 coming in 100% bred. This was a first time the ranch ever had a group of bison with 100% breed back and it was a very dry summer! Weaning weight of 410 x 239 = 97,990 lbs of production vs weaning weight of 380 x 221 = 83,980 lbs of production… Difference of 14,010 extra pounds! 14,010 x $5/lb = Total extra income of $70,050! Annual cost of Riomax tubs was $22,000 for a net profit of $48,050. (This does not take into account the additional money that had been getting spent on regular supplement programs prior to making the switch to Rio Nutrition)

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