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If I told you it was possible to save money, while maximizing your herd’s potential, you might throw your hands in the air and holler, “Oh hogwash!”

How about if I said there are benefits to feeding minerals year-round which would contribute to your bottom line? It can be hard to grasp. You may be convinced that as soon as the grass greens up, you don’t really need a mineral supplement anymore. We understand where you're coming from - ranching can be tough, and you need to watch your bottom line. 

But what if you could do it better? What if YOU are the change to ensure more profitability and sustainability for the next generation?   

Year-Round Cattle Health

Imagine that every animal, every cow and every calf, have their own bucket. Everything contributing to their health is in that bucket.  Things like vitamins, minerals and all of the nutrients that they're getting from their daily feed intake. We want to keep that full, right?  

Some producers feed tubs from October to May. The grass greens up and they quit feeding tubs. Sound familiar? It’s understandable. However, by feeding a product like Riomax® year-round, you're actually able to keep that bucket full rather than trying to play catch-up with a half-full bucket later on.   

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Producers see a lower, more consistent intake, which impacts your cost. Typically, we see intake between an 1/8 – 1/4 of a pound when our producers use Riomax® on a year-round program.

Our consumption range overall is from an 1/8 to 1/3 of a pound.  If it goes over, you are protected by our COSTGUARD® Guarantee.  By staying in the lower half of that range, you're really putting pennies on your bottom line while also keeping that bucket full and maximizing your genetic potential.  

A Full Mineral Bucket = Success in More Stages of Cattle Production 

In breeding season when that cow has been on Riomax® prior to breeding, she now has the minerals and the nutrients she needs to be able to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy.  Another healthy calf, more money in your pocket! 

When it comes to calving, the cow has already met nutrient requirements, so she isn't out there searching for more.  She's not looking for more nutrients in her diet just because she's deficient in one thing or another.  

Milk Study 

A dairy operation in southwestern Montana found when they fed their cows Riomax®, they were able to increase the milk fat content by between 11%-15% overall.  That is HUGE!  We all know that high quality milk, especially in those first hoursdays or weeks of the birth of a calf is so important.  Higher milk quality leads to increased weaning weights, better growth and less chance of disease.  Learn more on that milk study! 

Keep that bucket full!  Let us help you minimize the cost of disease within your herd by boosting their immune systems year-round.  Save money on hay by providing our Nutrizorb® digestive enhancer year-round.  By feeding Nutrizorb®, you will be able to conserve your pasture, and feed less hay throughout the winter.  Impact your bottom line!  

Our goal is to help you get more out of what you’ve already got.  

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