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Nutrizorb is a strong synergy of digestion enhancing tools.

Nutrizorb® Digestion Enhancer includes a variety of prebiotic and probiotic strains, multiple enzymes and Riomune® 5-component yeast. There are several key ingredients in the recipe, all designed for effective improved forage breakdown and increased nutrient extraction.

University studies show that Nutrizorb® actually increased the digestibility of forages, with results showing a definite increase in the TDN (total digestible nutrients) across several studies. This journey down the path of improving digestion began years ago, and we are still actively pursuing it today. It all comes down to increased efficiency and getting more out of what you’ve already got … and increased efficiency means a healthier bottom line.

Fast Facts:

  • 19 Digestion Ingredients
  • Yeast, Enzymes, Probiotics
  • Enhanced Gut Health
  • Improved Digestion
  • Increased TDN (total digestible nutrients)

The Manure Study

(Getting scientific about manure improvements.)



square represents cow’s diet

Rather than focusing on putting direct protein into that little orange square, Nutrizorb® focuses on getting more out of EVERYTHING ELSE a cow eats!


Technically speaking, a digestion package is something that aids digestion and improves efficiency. The Nutrizorb® digestion package is made up of yeast, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, FungiFuel™, and a myriad of other digestion components.

But why does this matter for you as a rancher?

If your cows can better-digest their forages, get more nutrients out of them, and become more efficient, they will be satisfied on less feed. 

With a powerful digestion package like Nutrizorb®, you can expect to see 15-30% feed/forage savings!

It helps cows to better utilize their diet by simply extracting more energy, protein and nutrients out of the forages, and squeezing more out of every mouthful. 

Essentially, it creates a more efficient cow!

In the early 2000’s, we started including something in our products called Aspergillus Oryzae.  The brand name is known in the industry as Amaferm®, a great product that has been around since the 1970’s. 

We use Amaferm® still today, as one of our many digestion components.  Many other companies use the same product and call it their “digestion pack”. The difference with Nutrizorb® is that it uses many different digestion ingredients, with Amaferm® being just one of them! 

All Riomax® products contain the Nutrizorb® digestion package!

Nutrizorb's job is to help that cow squeeze more out of every single mouthful, every single hour of the day. Every bale, every acre, every day. 

Like a windmill which catches wind to turn it into energy, the Nutrizorb® digestion pack pulls more nutrients and protein out of your forages for the cow to use! Because the cow is getting more out of everything she eats, she will be satisfied on less. That means you can feed less hay, extend pastures, and increase your stocking rate.

Nutrizorb® is what enables Riomax® tubs to consistently deliver 15-30% hay/feed savings on ranches all across North America.

By getting more out of your resources, this digestion package can help you run more efficiently - a good idea for getting through tough times.

A study done at the University of Minnesota proved Nutrizorb® increased the TDN of the forage substantially, and hence helps ranchers to get more mileage out of their existing resources.

Ranchers across the US and Canada have provided feedback on the success of this by saving on hay, stretching pastures and weight gain on calves. CLICK HERE to hear firsthand from ranchers like yourself.

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