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Chad Sears

How did you get started?

We started using Riomax® in the summer of 2012 because of the drought where the grass never greened up.  We still had a 92% breed-up.



  • Consumption has never gone over 1/3 lb, averages around 1/3 lb/head/da
  • Allowed cows to get out and utilize full pasture
  • Eliminated caking and helped cows spread out
  • Conception rates have been at 97-98% since being on Riomax® as high as 100% on 1st calf heifers
  • Weaning weights consistently gone up from 500-510 to 550-580 lbs
  • Eliminated creep feed, weaning weights went up, cows go into winter with much better body score and condition
  • Bulls tested great



Fall 2012 – Got everything preg checked – 92% bred up. He was very impressed with the condition of the cows despite the condition of the forages! Costing was about the 18 cents/day and he was very impressed! Chad said they utilized their forage better, they were really spread out…as a result of using the tubs. Thinking on the numbers, they are in the decision-making phase…It’s Rio or cake, and with the cake I don’t get the enzymes. But cake is $440 per ton, feed 3lbs every other day – 33cents/hd/day. Summer 2013 Chad shared with us the sizes of his pastures – one is 3,500, one is 4,500, one is 6,000 acres…liked tubs vs. cake for keeping cattle distributed. Fall 2013 98% on the cows and 97% on the heifers!!! January 2014 Chad said he said he has a lot of tubs out to keep them spread out. He said it is way better than cake because they don’t burn that energy coming to the cake truck and they have it available at all times! February 2014 Bob (grandfather) said he thinks it is really working well, cattle are looking really good and he thought it was high priced but it’s not! Cows are staying spread out with the tubs much better than with just cake! Not having to call the cows in so they are not expending that energy!  April 2014 He said calving has been going really well and the calves are energetic and healthy! Summer 2014 Jean (grandmother) mentioned she balked at the first couple bills but she can see that from the way that the cows wintered that it sure is worth it! Fall 2014 He had 100% breed up on the heifers (70 heifers bred up 100% in 75 days) and 98.5% bred up on 450 cows!! He couldn’t believe it! Calves were 550lb and they usually are about 510lb!!! Spring 2015 Semen tested our bulls and the vet was like “Whoa what have you been feeding these bulls…the semen is fantastic!” Fall 2015 600 total head of cows preg tested and only 6 open!!! 99% breed-up!!! Chad said the consumption has been so consistent for the last 4 years. Spring 2016 he has good strong calves and the cows are cleaning.  Fall 2016 He said the calves were 20lbs heavier than the last year, fed no creep and they had no rain all summer. Fall 2017 He is pretty much using it year-round and his breed up is phenomenal, his calving tightness is good, the health is great. Winter 2017 Happy to have quit using creep feed, weaning weights have increased and better utilization of pastures.  June 2018 Getting hit up with rain, asked us to delay shipment. Spring 2019 Consumption is low but it has been extremely cold, yet the calves have been jumping up and taking off. He said he had more dries and dead calves this year than he had in a while but had an extreme winter too.  Fall 2019 Lance Moats territory rep met with Chad. He talked about why he started in 2012, and what he’s been able to do since then. He’s had a couple of times where he’s hit 100% on his younger cows breed up and 96-98% on their cows!

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