Chad Sears – Newcastle, Wyoming


“We've been using Riomax® since 2012, the really bad drought. I love the product because it's really allowed our cows to get out and utilize the full pasture. When we were caking, we noticed that the cows never really spread out and utilized the whole pasture. With the Riomax® tubs, you could spread them out and really get full utilization of the pasture

Also, our conception rates have been hovering in the high 90s. 97%, 98%. Even on our first calf heifers, we had a couple 100% on those. 

The other great thing is our weaning weights have consistently gone up. We used to be lucky to get, 500LB, 510LB weights with our 1,100LB, 1,200LB cows. Now, we've gone up to around 550LB, 580LB pound steers before a shrink, and it's a lot to do with Riomax®.

Like I say, I just love the product. We've also gone off of creep feed. We used to creep feed the calves and we've switched from creep feed to putting Riomax® out during the summer months. We've noticed that it hasn't declined the weights at all. Like I said, it's actually increased the weaning weights, and the cows go into winter in much better body score condition. The buyers that I've talked to actually prefer the calves that have not been on creep feed, but have just been on a supplement like Riomax®. So, that's another benefit!"

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