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Kevin Stopanski

Kevin & Carmen Stopanski

Jenner, AB

Riomax® Customer Since 2012

Herd Details

  • 170 Mother Cows
  • Breed: Limousin Angus
  • 45 Day Breeding Window
  • Short Feeding Window - Swath Graze

Fast Facts

  • Doubled carrying capacity where we swath graze
  • Decreased calving window to 45 days from 60 days
  • Increased conception rates on the cows from 6-8% open to 4% open
  • 100% conception on Heifers
  • Increased avg 65 lb weaning weights

The Story

We are a 5th Generation Ranch: Farm operation.
We’re very excited with what we’ve seen thus far. Historically, our breeding window has been 60 days with 6-8% open. We’ve now bumped that down to 45 days and only 4% open on the cows. Specifically, with the cows we only had 7 out of 170 head open – that’s 95.9% bred! As for our heifers, they were also asked to get the job done in 45 days. We had one bull, young bull at that (we took our chances on him) on 20 heifers, and they bred up 100%!!

Our general feeding period is 60-80 days depending on the Alberta winter we get. We’ve been swath grazing for a while now. Typically, we would graze 150 cows per day per acre on 30 acres in the winter. Then we’d let it rest the next year while we grazed a different 30 acres. We continued this for about 7-8 years while we worked to build the organic matter. But with the extra help from Riomax® and our management tactics, we’ve been able to graze them on all 60 acres every year back to back, while not over grazing it and keeping their body condition level.
Riomax® has allowed us to manage our grazing in a positive forward motion, because cows eat less and that puts more days of grazing instead of feeding!

The steer calves we sold this year topped out at 705 lbs! Two-thirds of them were at 645 lbs. Years past we averaged 580 lbs. Great gain on Riomax®.

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