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June 2020 - New Product Launch!

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Hi. I'm BioBrix™ ... nice to meet you!

"I'm the newest member of the packaging options family here at Riomax®.  I love to travel, especially on rough terrain and large pastures.  Everyone loves me, I'm very workable; even in challenging situations.  I may be new; but I'm ready to work.  I look forward to seeing you at your ranch soon!"

Bio Brix is a 60lb biodegradable brick.  We developed this unique 'lick tub' in response to demand for a more portable product offering.  The unique size and shape of this 'brick' allows easy handling and ability to pack into the mountains or hard to reach terrain.

The smaller size (60lbs) makes for easier handling as well as more feeding stations, which is a good fit on very large pastures, government land or where you have small groups or sick pens.

Plus, it's completely biodegradable, which means no empties to chase for you and it's good for the environment.

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Riomax® is a ultra concentrated lick tub.  This means that there's a lot packed in every single ounce.  This concentration allows animals to meet their requirements with very small amounts of product.

Low Consumption

What's the importance of low consumption?  With low consumption levels like Riomax® has, your cost per day is much lower then a higher consumption product.  Plus, it's backed up by our COSTGUARD Consumption Guarantee!

Results Driven

Riomax® is 100% results driven.  We make sure that Riomax® earns its keep or pays its way on your ranch. Click here to learn more about how these gains pay bills.

When should I feed Riomax® products?

Riomax® is designed to be fed year-round.  It's self-regulating forage balancer technology enables it to fill nutrition needs no matter the season, location or forage.

Many producers feed Riomax® year-round, yet some only feed it at specific times of the year. Since the producers that see the best results are the ones that feed it the most, we strongly recommend feeding it continuously if possible.

Feeding it continuously gives animals a even nutrition plane and users typically see consumption averaging at the low end when using it year-round.


"It's not about being around 20¢ or 30¢ , or 50¢ ... it's about how we can OFFSET what Riomax® costs you, either partially or completely."

Generally, the savings you will see in hay completely pays for the Riomax® product. Riomax® usually pays for itself and then some. If we are going to survive tough times, we must look at ways like this to offset the cost of supplements. A supplement that costs you $0 because of offsetting the price is far more effective than a low-cost supplement that doesn't do much for you.

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Real Offset


Riomax® is hard to put an exact price on because there is a lot of variations and different sizes, different packaging, USA to Canada, forage quality and quantity discounts. Let's open this up and give you an idea at least. What we focus on, is bringing that cost per head per day down. Up front Riomax® is up to two to three times the price of competitor products per ton or per pound, but because it is so concentrated it has a low daily consumption or daily cost.

The cost ranges somewhere between 16¢ and 67¢ per head per day.  Built into this range, there are several factors that affect your cost:

Quality of Forage
Higher Quality Forage
Lower cost/head/day

Quantity Discounts
Larger Order
Lower cost/head/day

Product Upgrades
Add Fly Control
Higher cost/head/day

Container Type and Size
Smaller Container
Higher cost/head/day

And for Canada
The Exchange Rate

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