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“Do we have anything for flies?”  Yes, we do!  We recommend our Riomax® PG360 IGR™ which targets horn flies. 

Horn Fly 

The horn fly is one of the more detrimental flies to the cow and causes the most damage in the beef industry.  Horn fly eggs are laid in cow manure where they hatch as maggots.  They develop from the egg to adult stage within 10 to 20 days.  Adult live for approximately 3 weeks, feeding 20 to 30 times a day.  They ride on the back and sides of the cow, drops down lays its egg in the fresh manure and then jumps right back on the cow and continues to feed.  Horn fly populations usually spike again when the temperatures drop and rainfall increases in the fall.   

With the Riomax® IGR product, the cow ingests it.  It moves through the cow’s digestive tract, out in the manure and the fly larvae feeds off that breaking that fly cycle.   

Best Results for Fly Control 

We recommend you put out PG360 IGR before you see the first flies and leave it out until after you get your first hard frost.  Waiting until after you see a lot of flies can be a problem.  You then need to break that lifecycle of the fly which may take much longer to get on top of it.    

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