How much hay savings can I expect to see on Riomax®?

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Last updated on October 25th, 2023 at 07:52 am

4 minute video walking through how much hay savings to expect on Riomax

No doubt, you are doing your best to cut expenses during these challenging times. It’s obvious; no one wants to spend money on something that won’t provide results. For that reason, you may think it’s not necessary to supplement a mineral or protein tub to your cattle. And, you may be asking yourself, how is it even worth it?

We hear it all the time. So let’s dive into why a mineral program is actually worth your money. There is an abundance of good reasons, and any of the Riomax® team would love to give you a long list. But, for the sake of this article, we’re going laser focus in on hay savings.

Exactly how much hay and forage savings you can expect to see on Riomax®?

Here at Riomax®, we love helping ranchers lower their input costs. Because hay and forages are one of your inputs, let’s discuss the actual numbers as to how much we can help you save. Additionally, we’ll explain the science that enables us to get these results.

How much hay can your ranch save?

Whether you’re up in Canada, all the way down by the Gulf of Mexico, or anywhere in between, you can expect to see around 15% to 30% hay savings by using Riomax®. Now, when we say hay savings, that also represents forage savings in a pasture. Although it is slightly more difficult to measure, look at it in the sense of pasture hay is simply harvested grass. We see the same impact, in terms of extending your range, your grazing days, and putting off your hay date. 

The science behind hay savings

So, how does the Nutrizorb® science work to deliver these results? Nutrizorb® is a powerful digestion pack that is in every product we sell, whether it be tubs, or loose mineral. The main goal of Nutrizorb® is to feed the bugs and fungi in the rumen. This means there's more of them and they're more active, so they get far more done.

It sounds so simple. We feed the bugs, so there's more of them and they're more active. Essentially, we're squeezing more out of every mouthful, which then means better nutrient extraction from every single mouthful. Ultimately, the cow is satisfied with less. 

In certain situations, you may not want your cows to eat less. One rancher in Canada told us, we have such severe weather, I don't want my cows to eat less. But, what he found after using Riomax® is that his cattle still eat the same, but their body condition goes up. 

This shows that we are increasing overall digestive efficiency. We're feeding the bugs. There are more of them. They're more active. They're breaking down your forage better. You're getting more nutrient extraction. Further, when the bugs die, they become true microbial protein, which is an additional protein source for the cow. 

There are 19 different digestion components in Nutrizorb®: yeast, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, fungi fuel, and far more. In Canada, it is slightly different, due to the CFIA regulations, but the net impact is very similar. 

You may be running on a tight budget, and you’re definitely not the only one. Saving hay and stretching pastures is one simple way to improve your cashflow. Learn more about Nutrizorb®, the Riomax® digestion powerhouse, so you can start saving hay and forages today!

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