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Homesteaded in 1882 and located 25 miles SW of Bismarck ND lies Black Leg Ranch. The Black Leg Ranch is one of the oldest working cattle ranches still in operation today; it's older then the state we call home.
We love what we do, and we always say, 'you gotta have fun in doing what you are doing, so it doesn't get boring.'
We have worked hard over the years, and we feel that one of our most significant accomplishments is bringing our family into the ranching operation. I say that the proof that this system is broke is the fact that we are not attracting young people back into the industry.
We at Black Leg Ranch are committed to providing not only an enjoyable work environment but a profitable one for all of our family. So that means that we have got to be thinking of today and tomorrow and the next generation.

Regenerative Agriculture

As far as ranching goes; we are big into regenerative agriculture with a very strong focus being on soil health. We have a commitment to being good stewards of the environment and believe regenerating soil health can unlock the future. Healthy soil equals healthy grass equals healthy cattle. The more grass you have, the healthier your soil, the more grass you grow and the more sustainable you are.

Our goal with regenerative agriculture and rotational grazing is never to have to feed hay to a cow. I say winter feed costs kill ranchers. Now granted with weather and extremes; we do have to feed; but our goal is to be able to optimize the land and the forages so that we are running very low inputs with high output performance. So that's the ranch itself.


So off of that is what we call agritourism. Agritourism is where we stack enterprises on top of the same land base as our ranch. Firstly, we have got the hunting, Rolling Plains Adventures, where we offer hunting of waterfowl, pheasant, coyote, buffalo, and deer. Secondly, we have ranch events, country-style weddings for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Thirdly, we do western-inspired team building; with horseback riding, branding, roping, and ATV adventures. Coupled with that, we have lodging with four lodges, which all together sleep over 400 guests. Finally, Black Leg Ranch has now opened its doors to Black Leg Brewery. Black Leg Brewery is located on the Black Leg Ranch and is currently producing many different microbrews.
So all up we have got ranching, agritourism and, most of all, a future for our family, our kids, our kid's kids and generations after that. We feel like that is a true success.
Along with the family comes family dynamics, which adds its own fun and challenges, but again I would never be without the family in this ranching and agritourism business.

We invite folks from the cities or people that are not familiar with ranching and farming to come out to our events center. Here they can get a taste of what is truly beautiful in terms of fresh air, clean air, green grass, livestock, wildlife, and family.
Visit our website at or call us at 602-510-6094.
As we said before, we love what we do, and we think you will too.

Thanks to Jerry and Renee Doan of Black Leg Ranch for this Guest Blog!

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