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How does Riomax® impact efficiency?  How does Nutrizorb® help cows utilize their hay better?  How does Riomax® impact the bottom line of the rancher with hay savings and forage savings?  How does Riomax®, with Nutrizorb® impact digestion? We get these questions from Ranchers every day, and here's some answers.

So how does Riomax® impact digestion anyway?

Trying to describe how we impact digestion has always been a tough task because it’s fairly technical and we are using a combination of yeast, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and FungiFuel™. Essentially what Nutrizorb® is doing is feeding the bugs that feed the cow. The bugs (rumen microbes) are helping break down your forages and once those bugs are dead they now become true protein or what’s known as microbial protein.  So, we can split this method into two parts.

Part 1: Feeding the Bugs

Part 1 is feeding the bugs, the rumen microbes, so there is more of them, they are more active and they do a better job.  So what's their job?  Rumen microbes break down forages and extract protein, energy and nutrients out of those forages. For years, we have focused on feeding these bugs. Feeding the bugs in the rumen impacts digestion by better breaking down your forages and extracting protein, energy and nutrients out of every mouthful of forage that that cow takes.

Part 2: Fungi Fuel

Part 2 is all about FungiFuel™. FungiFuel™ is the food source to directly stimulate and amplify the effect of the fungi, which are essential to break down the lignin or the harder to digest elements in your forages.  High lignin is what makes a forage stemy or stiff.  Unfortunately, the higher the lignin, the lower the digestibility.  So by providing FungiFuel™ in Riomax® products, we are impacting the digestibility of high lignin forages by breaking them down.

So we have talked about feeding the bugs and we have talked about feeding the fungi. Let’s simplify it for you further.

Feeding the troops that win the war:

A simple way of thinking of it is; we feed the troops that win the war.  By stimulating, feeding and fueling those troops (the rumen microbes or bugs), we now empower those troops to win the war.  What’s the war?  The war is different things for each rancher.  It could be getting the most out of every mouthful and every acre.  It could be driving your inputs down, and thus impacting your profitability.  It all equates to driving your economic model.  These are all things that will help you survive tough times and thrive in good times.  That’s what winning the war looks like.  So the short answer to 'How do you impact digestion?': we feed the troops that win the war.

IST:  Indirect Supplementation Technology™ powered by Nutrizorb®.

So what is IST?  IST, or Indirect Supplementation Technology™,  is a fundamentally different approach to the traditional, mainstream direct-fed supplements out there. It is better optimizing or squeezing more out of every mouthful, every acre, every bale, every cow, every day. This is a method that is not generally promoted by mainstream supplement/tub companies.  We don’t just feed the cow, we also feed the bugs that feed the cow.

IST is disrupting the supplementation industry IN THE FAVOR OF THE RANCHER!
IST helps lower your input costs, increase your efficiency and help boost the profitability of your ranching operation.

So, in conclusion, Riomax® impacts digestion by a synergy of feeding the bugs in the rumen, FungiFuel™ and Indirect Supplementation Technology™.

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