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The Tub That Pays for Itself.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Get the lick tub that your herd needs to thrive… and have it pay itself off! Sound too good to be true? Hear what this Nebraskan rancher has to say…

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weaning time

Weaning Time Means Stressful Times for Calves

Reading Time: 3 minutes The most stressful times in a calf’s life are all centered around weaning time. Calves are separated from their mothers, must learn to eat different food, often comingled at a sale barn, hauled on a truck, and must adjust to a new home.

October 26, 2022|
Tom-Perkins resized

Cattle Protein Supplementation Done Differently

Reading Time: 3 minutes Take advantage of indirect supplementation technology to help your cows better utilize low-quality feed.

August 25, 2022|
fall & winter ranch prep

Fall & Winter Ranch Prep

Reading Time: 1 minute Hay savings starts NOW… better pasture utilization means you can push out your hay date. Hear from ranchers like yourself to learn how they’re padding their pocketbooks…

August 24, 2022|
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