Trevor Greenfield

Last updated on January 24th, 2024 at 08:59 am

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

I have not worked for years. Well as they say, when you love what you do you’ll never work another day in your life! I so appreciate my role. It is all about serving others. It is all about helping others get what they want and need, whether it is a customer or a member of our great team, or a member of the community.

As Chief Executive Officer my job is ensuring that we as a company pivot ourselves around the needs of the people we serve. Simple, right?  We obsess ourselves over the challenges our customers face, be it financial pressures, markets, weather or sustainability for the future generations. My passion is to make sure we as an organization align with the actual reality of the men and women in agriculture in view of understanding their needs, and providing solutions that work. We don’t sell fluff – wouldn’t sleep well at night.

The people here at Rio Nutrition are without doubt our greatest asset we have!  As the founder of Rio Nutrition, I feel privileged and humbled and deeply grateful to be surrounded by this caliber of personnel.

I don’t want to be the champion in this team, I want to be surrounded by a team of champions! As we always say, “Awesome people doing awesome things for agriculture!”

Rio Nutrition is truly unique in our focus and our approach. We do not try to be like anyone else. Never have done. What fuels us is the quest to make an impact on agriculture that can actually be measured. Over the last two decades we have developed two main products, Riomax and Rhyzogreen. Both products actually pay for themselves. This is a tangible result of our laser-like focus on doing the right thing by the people we serve, rather than being one of those me-too, vanilla-flavored brands always trying to nip at the heels of the competition. That is not us. When you are customer-centric, you don’t have to exactly worry about the competition. We focus on the people we serve, and love to do what we do.

Prior to founding Rio Nutrition, (which involved some extremely trying years as a start-up in a one-car garage, losing money), I was part of a family business and enjoyed taking responsibility for moving the business forward and connecting with our customers. All through the years I have had to learn that people skills, including understanding people, hearing them out, listening to their feelings and seeking to understand their viewpoints, is a critical piece to creating success in all areas of life. I don’t believe we ever graduate from the school of life’s lessons. Not if we’re planning on continued success that is.

I enjoy the challenge of growing things that benefit everyone that touches them. I am involved with multiple businesses in an advisory role across four countries and several industries. I am driven to make an impact on people that tangibly helps them get ahead. I love to help individuals and organizations thrive!

Outside of work I enjoy spending quality time with my family, relaxing with friends, or out traveling the world. I have a wonderful family: my wife and five precious children.

Faith and family are foundational.

If you are ever through this part of the world, stop in at Rio Nutrition’s headquarters and come see us for yourself.

We’re ordinary people on an extraordinary mission. And I am just one of the team, not the champion, of course.

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