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Use this tool to calculate where your gains and savings can come from.

A question that we get asked a lot by ranchers is, "How does Riomax® justify itself in terms of cost?" 

That is a wonderful question; we are in business too. If Riomax® does not justify its cost, then we should not do business, it is as simple as that. See more details about this question by clicking HERE.

10 Cattle Records Worth Keeping On The Ranch

  1. Inventory.

  2. Individual Animal Identification.

  3. Market Weights.

  4. Pregnancy Data.

  5. Calving Data.

  6. Pasture Usage.

  7. Feed Purchase Records.

  8. Sire Information.

  9. Enterprise Costs.

  10. Enterprise Revenues.


All Inventory:

  • Number of cows exposed to bulls
  • Number of opens
  • Number of calves at calving
  • Number of calves at weaning
  • Number and type of all cattle sold

Animal Weights:

  • Cow weights
  • Weaning weights
  • Weight spread
  • Sale day weights

Pregnancy Data:

  • Total percentage bred
  • 1st cycle percentage

Calving Data:

  • Number of assists
  • Total death loss

Pasture Usage:

  • Grazing days per acre
  • Precipitation
  • Starting date


  • Feed
  • Supplement
  • Equipment
  • Fuel
  • Depreciation
  • Labor
  • Vet


  • Cows
  • Bulls
  • Steers
  • Heifers
  • Feed
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