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A question that we get asked a lot by ranchers is, "How does Riomax® justify itself in terms of cost?" 

That is a wonderful question; we are in business too. If Riomax® does not justify its cost, then we should not do business, it is as simple as that.  

How DOES Riomax® justify its cost? In simple terms, how does Riomax® earn its keep or make sure it pays its way.

The primary way this is measured is:

  • Hay savings/Forage savings/Reduced hay consumption

What you see is hay savings; the value of these savings will pay for the product. That means that Riomax® is paying for itself. 

That makes the rancher happy, the cows happy, and makes us happy. 

As long as our product is justifying itself, then we have a spot in this industry.  

More measurables are: 

  • Heavier calves/heavier weaning weights
  • Increased conception rates 

These gains pay bills. Again, they offset the cost of Riomax® and help Riomax® justify itself. 

(Want to know HOW Riomax® works to produce these results?  CLICK HERE to find out.)

Right now, in the current reality of COVID-19, every business is looking at their team. They are saying, 'Is this person earning their keep, and are they justified to stay on the team?'

It is no different, is Riomax® justified to stay on your team?

That is a fair question.

This stuff has got to pay, we realize nobody's in this game to give us any handouts, and we agree. Recently we were talking to a rancher that said to us, 'You prove to me that Riomax® can justify its cost.' I think that was a fantastic and fair challenge.

We would hold that out to ranchers that you should challenge us and every lick tub company, every supplement company: Does this supplement justify it's cost? If the answer is yes, the next question is how.

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