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A question that we get asked a lot by ranchers is, "How does Riomax® justify itself in terms of cost?" 

That is a wonderful question; we are in business too. If Riomax® does not justify its cost, then we should not do business, it is as simple as that.  

How DOES Riomax® justify its cost? How can it earn its keep and pay its way?

The primary factor that helps justify the cost of Riomax is:

  • Hay savings/Forage savings/Reduced hay consumption

What you see is hay savings; the value of these savings will pay for the product. That means that Riomax® is paying for itself. 

That makes the rancher happy, the cows happy, and it makes us happy!

As long as our product is justifying itself, then we have a spot in this industry.  

Additional measurables that offset the cost of Riomax include: 

  • Heavier calves/heavier weaning weights
  • Increased conception rates 

These gains pay bills. Again, they offset the cost of Riomax® and help Riomax® justify itself. 

(Want to know HOW Riomax® works to produce these results?  CLICK HERE to find out.)

Throughout COVID-19, every business looked at their team. They asked themselves, 'Is this person earning their keep, and are they justified to stay on the team?'

It is no different, is Riomax® justified to stay on your team?

That is a fair question.

This stuff has got to pay; we realize nobody's in this game to give us any handouts, and we agree. Recently we were talking to a rancher that said to us, "You prove to me that Riomax® can justify its cost." I think that was a fantastic and fair challenge.

We hold that out to ranchers: you should challenge us, and every lick tub company: Does this supplement justify its cost? If the answer is yes, the next question is how.

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