Last updated on March 9th, 2022 at 10:22 am

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The TM Ultra® component of the Esqort® Trace Mineral Technology is a crystalline form of mineral, different to a regular chelate, but in essence having the same mode of action.  The TM Ultra® trace minerals do not react in the tub, thus protecting other essential nutrients in the mix.  They maintain their structural integrity in the rumen, allowing them to essentially bypass the negative, harsh environment of the rumen and the antagonists that are present.

The TM Ultra® trace minerals have no negative impact on rumen microbes (the good bugs) thus maintaining fiber digestion. The net result is that they get to the absorption site – the small intestine – and into the blood without being tied-up or antagonized


  • Crystal mineral
  • Acts like a chelate but is not a chelate
  • No reactivity in feed or during digestion passage
  • Engineered to get to the absorption site and into the blood
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