With the Esqort® technology,
we achieve optimal rumen bypass

The rumen can be thought of as a 55 gallon fermentation vat, with the passage through the rumen being extremely harsh. Antagonists such as iron, sulfur and molybdenum tie up the trace minerals, and once the trace mineral becomes bound with antagonists, they remain bound as they travel through the digestive tract. They are rendered useless to the animal, as they cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream.

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With the Esqort® technology, we achieve optimal rumen bypass in view of the trace minerals reaching the absorption site – the small intestine, and ultimately getting into the blood. This Esqort® technology ensures the trace minerals move unchanged to the abomasum, where the low pH environment slowly converts each trace mineral into a form that will allow for its absorption within the small intestine.

In using Esqort® technology as 100% of the trace mineral inclusion rate, we have been able to eliminate sulfate and oxide forms of key trace minerals completely from our formulas.


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Included in every formula, Esqort® is Rio Nutrition's blend of 100% protected trace minerals. A combination of copper, manganese, zinc and selenium.

This synergy of multi-bond chelates and crystal trace minerals simply means: The trace minerals are 100% protected in all of the Riomax® formulas.

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What does 100% protected mean?

The trace minerals are escorted through the rumen, protected from any tie-up or antagonistic effect.

Then they get into the small intestine, where they are then absorbed through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream.

*Product availability and formulation may differ in Canada due to CFIA regulations. Please contact our customer care team to get specific information at 888-762-3299.

Research shows that these sulfates and oxides are more detrimental than we previously realized.  We have always known that they were less ‘available’ and become easily tied-up with antagonists such as iron/sulfur and molybdenum.  Studies have shown, however, that sulfates and oxides negatively affect vitamins in the feed as well as beneficial microbes that are required for fiber digestion.  We see the use of sulfates and oxides in key trace minerals as a triple-negative, and thus rely on the Esqort® Trace Mineral Technology for 100% of the key trace mineral ingredients.

Fast Facts

  • Synergistic blend of key trace minerals
  • Engineered to get through the rumen and into the small intestine (the absorption site)
  • Zero oxides/sulfates
  • 100% rumen-bypass design

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