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5 minute video comparing $/hd/day and upfront cost

Do you buy cattle mineral based on cost per ton? Or, do you calculate the cost per head per day? Maybe you’ve been frustrated, trying to decide which way is best and how to figure it all out. Let’s take some time to clear it up, so you can feel good about whatever supplement choice you make.

Cost per head per day vs. upfront cost

To help explain the difference between cost per head per day and upfront cost, let’s use an example that’s completely unrelated to the livestock industry. An everyday household product.

Laundry detergent. 

What in the world does that have to do with the subject? Let’s explain! Whether it’s a laundry product or a cattle supplement, it all comes down to the ability to crunch your numbers and look at what is the best cost for you. Not necessarily the highest cost or the lowest cost, but the best cost. Let’s compare these two detergents.

tide vs melaleuca

At first glance, Melaleuca is definitely more expensive. Let's dig in and see.

Simple math tells us...

$15.99 ÷ 64 = $0.24 per load. 

And, $18.29 ÷ 96 = $0.19 per load.

That’s our benchmark: cost per load. Now, the upfront cost means much less. It’s the same way with tubs. Upfront cost means very little until you know what your cost per head per day is.

What was perceived as more expensive upfront is in actual fact, much less. The product that was perceived as cheaper is actually 26% higher than the truly less expensive one. Tide is 24 cents per load, while Melaleuca is 19 cents per load.

What’s your true mineral cost?

Whether it's laundry detergent or lick tubs, or loose mineral. To make the best decision for your ranch, work it back, so you can see what your true cost per feeding is. Crunch those numbers, it will be worth it in the long run so you can truly compare apples to apples. 

At the end of the day, there's not enough margin in the beef industry to leave any money on the table. The Riomax® team would love to help you discover your true cost and watch your dollars, so you can positively impact your ranch and your bottom line.

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