Cows in the field

Why does consumption vary and when does it vary?

Cows will self-regulate on Riomax® so if the grass is really good, they will eat proportionately less.


If the grass is really poor, they will eat proportionately more.  Cows have learned to self-regulate naturally.  (Why can't humans get that figured out?!?)  What we see is a consumption of 1/8lb to 1/3lb with 1/3lb being your ceiling that is where the COSTGUARD® consumption guarantee kicks in.  That takes the risk off of your shoulders.

Where we have ranchers that use Riomax® year-round, they will typically see an average consumption for the year close to the low side.  What they are seeing is those cows self-regulating because they are on a consistent plane of nutrition, they don't have the peaks and valleys like they would if you only feed for a few months and take them off again.

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