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It’s probably not news to you when you hear that Riomax® is different. After all, doesn’t every company claim to be different?

Well, let’s clear it up.

How does Riomax® compare to other products on the market? 

There are so many different livestock supplements out there. If you research it, tons of options come up. But, if you take a closer look, many of them are what we call a direct-fed supplement. They have set levels of protein in them and are designed to directly add more protein to the cow’s diet. Many products might have protein levels of between 15% and 30%. Whether that be in the form of a tub or loose or granular supplement, it is a very direct source of protein. Cattle only get protein out of the supplement itself as they eat it.

Riomax® is very different because it doesn’t try to meet the animals' protein requirements in a direct way. Instead, it focuses on extracting more out of the cattle’s forages through something called IST (indirect supplementation technology). That is fueled by our multi-component digestion pack, Nutrizorb®, which is in every Riomax® product. This powerful digestion pack breaks open hard to digest forages and extracts nutrients out of them. 

If you think visually, picture a dishcloth. After dunking it in water you squeeze it, and yes, a lot of water (or nutrients) comes out of it. Riomax® takes it a step further and does to the feed, the same thing that a wringer does to a waterlogged dishcloth, it cranks it through, wringing far more nutrients out of every single mouthful than squeezing ever would get!

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