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How Soon Can I Expect to See a Difference When I Start Using Riomax®?

This is a million dollar question - the most reasonable question any rancher could ask.  You are spending money on supplements or mineral or digestion aid products, and we realize nobody has extra money to spend. Times are tough, margins are tight and you are looking at what is it going to do for you and how soon it'll make a difference. First, let's break this down into the two things Riomax® does for you:

1: Getting mineral into the blood:

Getting mineral into the blood is foundational. To do this, Riomax® provides 100% rumen bypass key trace minerals so that we give the minerals the highest scientific chance of getting through the rumen into the small intestine where they are then absorbed into the bloodstream.  Getting mineral into the blood is how Riomax® impacts fertility, increases conception rates, tightens up calving, improves calf health, boosts immune status and on and on and ON.

2: Increasing Digestive Efficiency:

The second main impactor with Riomax® is increasing digestive efficiency.  We do this with Nutrizorb®, which is a digestion powerhouse that feeds the good bugs in the rumen.  As we always say 'Nutrizorb® feeds the troops that win the war'.  Not only does Nutrizorb® feed the good bugs so there is more of them and they are more active,  it also stimulates the fungi in the rumen.  What we are doing with Nutrizorb® is creating a synergy of an army of troops that break down forages.  The impact for you is squeezing more value out of your cows' every mouthful, every acre, every bale, every day.  So that’s from a 30,000 foot view of how we impact performance on your herd.

Back to the original question – how soon can I expect to see a difference when I start using Riomax®?

The minute a cow starts licking on the tub, you are setting in motion the very inner workings of a change. That change is starting to stimulate and feed those good bugs immediately. What can you notice in first day? More then likely nothing, other then cows are attracted to the tubs and yet they don’t overconsume on them.

Based on what we have heard time and again from ranchers and cow calf producers across the United States and Canada, the first tangible change that they will notice is the difference in the consistency of the manure and the physical appearance of the haircoat. This can happen within the first 2-3 weeks.

Now, we aren’t saying that a change in consistency of manure and a fluffier haircoat will drive your economic model. We are saying these will be your first telltale signs of good things happening inside.  The first external signs of good internal things happening. Those internal happenings are foundational: getting mineral in the blood and creating a healthier, more powerful, more efficient digestive mechanism so that you are simply squeezing more out of every mouthful.

The bigger picture - body score condition improvement:

Based on trials we have done, you'll see more than just the haircoat changing in the first 3 weeks. Usually, you start seeing a difference in body condition. Does this always apply? More than likely not. As an average you will see a body condition change, this depends on your starting position. You should see a change in body condition after the first 3-4 weeks. In a recent study that we are working on in Texas, in the first 70 days they saw a difference of 2 body scores between the Riomax® group and the control group that is on another high quality mineral.

So the first difference you can see when you start using Riomax® is manure consistency and haircoat. Then it starts to tell a bigger picture when you start seeing body condition score improvement.

Let's really make a difference - Impact your bottom line:

Now let's fast forward to your first few months; now you start to see things like: hay savings, forage savings and better efficiency. These point not only to a healthier digestive system but are very key metrics of healthy digestive system. It all boils down to less feed intake.

Then let's start looking at your conception or fertility.  You should be noticing an impact there as well. To quote one client in South Dakota; their first year of using Riomax®, their conception rates jumped from 90% to 95%. This South Dakota rancher saw a 5 point increase and that is not uncommon when starting to use Riomax®. We have seen Riomax® users get up to an 11 point increase, but conservatively, you can expect to see a 2-3 point increase in conception rates.

This of course is all dependent on a lot of different variables. However, these results are based on pulling information from multiple cases in a large geographic area from way up in Canada, down to Texas, across to Florida and everywhere in between. Although we are working with different elevations, forages, genetics, weather; we see the same consistent trends that ranchers have found impacted fertility, weaning weights, forage savings and ultimately impacted the economic model of the rancher.

So in conclusion...

Here's a short answer to your question. How soon will I see a difference when I start using Riomax®: You typically won't notice much in the first day or two, then in the first 2-3 weeks you will notice a change in manure consistency and haircoat.  By the time you are 5-10 weeks in, you will see body condition score changing.  Once you have been using Riomax® for 6 months to a year; you will see forage savings and an increase in conception rates - now that is really starting to impact your bottom line!

What's that you say? Your ranch is different then other ranches? Of course - we realize that every situation is different - and we would love to have a conversation with you to discuss what realistic timelines look like for you. We can also discuss what examples may have been seen in your area or on a ranch with a similar situation as yourself.

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