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2.5 minute video on the pros and cons of trace mineral salts

“I feed trace mineral salt. Isn't that a good enough mineral program?”

The truth is, trace mineral salt is not a good enough mineral program. Whether you use trace mineral cobalt or trace mineral loose salt, the supplement is still made up of 99 percent salt. So, if you are feeding this mineral salt as your only mineral program, it is important to realize that only about 1 percent of the supplement is made up of the minerals your cattle need. Only 1 percent of the salt block or loose salt is actually an elemental mineral, whether it be iodine, cobalt, or manganese. Trace mineral salt does not contain any phosphorus, calcium, or even any vitamins. 

When & How To Use Salt For Your Cattle

We’re not here to say you should never use trace mineral salt. Loose salt and salt blocks are great products to be fed alongside a proper mineral program if your cattle need salt. But, they simply don’t have enough in them to qualify for a whole mineral program

A great time to use salt blocks is if you are experiencing consumption challenges. Loose salt and blocks can be used strategically to either boost or limit consumption, whatever it is you’re struggling with. In fact, here at Riomax, we highly recommend feeding salt alongside our tubs, because salt is not an ingredient in them.

So, should you use salt on your operation? Absolutely! Should trace mineral salt be your sole mineral program? It’s not recommended. Even though the package your salt comes in may say there are trace minerals in the product, there is simply not enough to provide an adequate amount for your cattle’s needs.

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