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4.5 minute video on yeast & mos for cattle

If you’re in the ranching industry, you’ve more than likely heard of MOS. There are multiple MOS products on the market, and you may even be familiar with the term Agrimos, Bio-Mos, Advanta MOS, or BgMOS. Whatever name you call it, MOS is important for cattle to help promote a healthy gut and rumen.

Now, you could be thinking to yourself, sure, it may be important for cattle. But what difference is it really going to make? 

As the Riomax® team, we feel that it is important to shoulder-up to ranchers; listen to your needs, answer your questions, and do whatever we can to make your life easier. Riomax® herd health products do contain MOS and yeast, but let’s look into what these specific ingredients are and why they’re important, no matter what you currently supplement.

Why is MOS an essential supplement for your cattle’s digestive system and overall health?

What is MOS for cattle?

MOS actually stands for a big long word: mannan oligosaccharides. Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) are prebiotics composed of complex carbohydrate molecules, derived from the outer cell wall of S. cerevisiae, whose main components, β-glucans (mannoproteins), are known as elements capable of activating the immune system of animals.

MOS is often added to supplements around calving season to help reduce sickness within calves. But after calving season, it’s generally removed in order to cut back on cost, which is understandable.

Why is MOS important & what does it do?

The main purpose of MOS is to help build gut integrity and reduce bacteria. 

To help you imagine it in your mind better, think of an apple. Let’s pretend that the apple represents a yeast cell. Where does MOS fit in? MOS is actually just the skin of that apple, or in other words, the very outer layer of a yeast cell.

While MOS is very powerful, it has much more potential when combined with the full yeast cell. With this in mind, Riomax® created the Riomune® yeast pack.

What makes Riomune® different?

Riomune® yeast is a component found in every Riomax® product. It includes MOS, but it actually has many more components to it.

Riomune® is a multi-component yeast, meaning it is comprised of multiple elements that are designed to work together to flush out bad bacteria and improve immunity.

Instead of just being the skin of that apple, or just MOS, Riomune® yeast is the entire apple, all the way from the skin to the seeds. In other words, it is the entire yeast cell. 

We all know that MOS is very beneficial in helping to tie up bacteria and get them out of the animal’s system. But the difference between plain MOS and Riomune® yeast is that the multi-component yeast cuts a far wider swath

Not only does it tie up and flush out bacterias, such as E. Coli and salmonella, it also helps reduce parasite attachments to the gut wall, like coccidia

E. Coli is the leading cause of bacterial scours in calves. By reducing bacteria faster, Riomune® yeast plays a large role in preventing sickness from things like pathogenic E. Coli. A healthy herd means a more productive herd, which eventually means more money in your wallet.

Multi-component yeast + MOS = Results

When quality ingredients start working together, significant results can follow. Further to improving immune health, the Riomune® combination also impacts milk production, feed conversion, weight gain, and increased overall herd performance

The best part is, Riomune® yeast starts working almost immediately. Within 30 seconds of being exposed to bacteria, it starts doing its magic! Check out the visual demonstration to see for yourself!

Riomune® Salmonella Agglutination

The faster Riomune® yeast gets into the cow or calf, the faster the response will happen and it will get to work and make a positive impact on your herd. 

Riomune® yeast is part of Nutrizorb®, the digestion pack that is found in every single Riomax® formula, no matter what time of year. We believe that Riomune® (MOS & yeast) is important for cattle year-round because it affects performance and efficiency all throughout the year - not just in calving season. 

Think bigger picture than just calving...

It’s all part of staying ahead of the game. Prevent issues before they even come up, and you’ll have herd performance that all your neighbors will be jealous of. 

Interested in learning more, so you can set your herd up for successful calving and year-round health? Let’s amplify your results together!

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