How does Riomax® impact fetal programming in cattle?

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Last updated on October 5th, 2023 at 03:50 pm

5 minute video about CATTLE fetal programming nutrition

Fetal programming may be somewhat of a hazy, confusing subject. Is it something you need to take into account for your cattle? Does it actually make a difference? 

Here at Riomax®, we realize the massive amount of potential that fetal programming has. We’re all interested in profitability these days, so let’s clear up some of these common questions and explain how fetal programming can drastically impact results on your operation.

Does Riomax® impact fetal programming in cattle?

Fetal programming - the concept that changes, whether positive or negative, within the nutrition, health, and well-being of the mother cow will pass onto the fetus and “program” or determine their performance ability for life... well in one sense, Riomax® was designed to positively impact just that!

Sure, Riomax® is known to provide results in breeding, weaning, calving, and all throughout the cow/calf cycle. What so many people don’t realize is that this all linked together with fetal programming. It becomes more apparent when you start to see consistent trends

Is it even measurable? Well, we have many examples where ranchers come to us with outstanding results. Results where young cows out-breed running age cows. Yes, their young cows have higher conception rates than their running age cows, which is completely backward to what’s normal. Because the young cows aren’t fully developed yet, they're still growing, and they may even be carrying a calf, they are typically known to have more reproductive problems and have lower conception rates. 

So, when these younger cows come in with higher conception rate averages, that’s tangible proof that something is going right. It’s proof that Riomax® is having effects on fetal programming, and the best results happen when that young cow was on Riomax® since it was a fetus. 

What makes Riomax® have positive effects on fetal programming?

How Riomax® impacts fetal programming is quite simple. The Esqort® mineral package, found in every Riomax® product, is 100% protected. That means there are no sulfates or oxides in our key trace minerals. This ensures that the mineral has the highest scientific chance of getting into the bloodstream

That is precisely how we’re able to drive reproductive performance and fetal programming. It’s simply ensuring that trace minerals get into the blood. The mother cow gets minerals in her blood, passes them onto her fetus; the calf receives minerals and nutrients before it’s even born, and the results show. Not just in calf health, but in breed-up as well.

Compounding effects of good nutrition

Now, compounding effects of good nutrition is not just a Riomax® thing. Compounding effects of good nutrition is a universal principle. 

When you start using a sound mineral program that gets into the cow’s blood, results start to show in the first year. The second year, results are even better. Things keep improving, and soon you are able to see your young cows and heifers out-breed your running age cows. It all starts with the Riomax® science getting into the blood since the fetus stage

Good, sound nutrition is the very starting point in a healthy, efficient herd, and ultimately an improved economic model. 

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