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5 minute video explaining the Riomax supply chain

Have you ever wondered how the supply chain model works at Riomax®? We’re here to clearly explain our process, from the very beginning to the very end. And, because it varies slightly between Riomax® tubs and ComboCubes™, we’ll explain the difference there as well.

How Riomax® Production Works

Riomax® Lick tubs

Step 1: The key Riomax® ingredients, which includes Esqort® trace minerals (100% rumen bypass key trace minerals) and the whole Nutrizorb® pack (multi-component digestion pack) are blended into Riomax® tub Premix which is then distributed to the different finishing plants around the country.

Step 2: These finishing plants then take the Riomax® tub Premix and combine it with the molasses, liquid, and base ingredients to produce the final product into one of the Riomax® specific plastic or biodegradable containers.

Step 3: The finished tubs are typically shipped directly to our end-users or dealers and in some cases to our warehouses to be delivered to their final destination at a later date.


Step 1: The key Riomax® components are blended with high-end protein and energy ingredients to create the ComboCube™ Premix and which then is shipped to finishing plants that have the actual cubing equipment. 

Step 2: These finishing plants then take our ComboCube™ Premix and combine it with their base commodities to produce a Riomax® infused cube. As we always say, they’re not cubes, they’re ComboCubes™; there is a massive difference. From there, the product is bagged, toted, or binned to be ready for bulk delivery.

Step 3: Typically, the completed ComboCubes™ are then shipped directly to our end-users or in some cases our dealers or warehouses to be delivered at a later date. 

The Importance of Service & Quality

Because we are service-driven, we don't allow for end-users or dealers to drive all over the country to pick up their products from one of our mills or plants. We provide that service all the way through to delivery to your door, and our truckers are part of our brand. 

As we control the whole supply chain, we are 100% responsible for our brand and our quality. From the ingredients stage, all the way to the delivery stage on your ranch or dealership, we take ownership. It’s all part of the Riomax® brand, and we strive to function with the rancher top of mind.

“Delivering the right product, at the right time, with the right people, with the right attitudes, on the right day, to the right address is all part of the Riomax® brand. Because we owe it to you.” - Founder & Owner

If you have any questions as to the supply chain, we would love to provide you with any assistance or support that you need. 

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