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Riomax® Questions - Answered!

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There comes a time when you are faced with the decision of what supplementation program to use during the fall and winter. What feeding program is best for your herd? We aim to help you make the best possible decision. To discover if Riomax® is a fit for you, there are two main points to assess.

  1. Your end goal. If you’ve used Riomax® previously, why did you? You may be reassessing your current situation, and wondering if Riomax® is still the best option.
  2. What kind of operation you run. Who is Riomax® a fit for, and who is it not a fit for?

Ultimately, how are you going to drive your success and sustainability throughout the fall and winter?

What Are The Driving Factors Of Riomax?

You may have used Riomax® in the past and at that time, you were clearly driven by certain factors. You may have had problems you needed solutions to or pain points that you wanted fixing. Maybe you wanted to get more out of your hay, save hay, impact weaning weights, or boost body condition through the winter. Whatever those might have been, they were probably important to you at the time. 

It is important to reassess why you made that decision.

At that same point, you may also have had what we call ‘sticker shock’ because you looked at the price and thought, “Wow, that's a high upfront cost compared to what I’m used to. But, when you calculate your cost per head per day, it is actually lower. Why? Because Riomax is a highly concentrated product with low consumption. 

By looking back, assessing why you made that decision, and analyzing the results you've seen, you are better set up to make another decision for you and your herd conditions now. It is vitally important to make sure you have a solid herd health program to ensure that your cows go into winter in prime condition with a good body score. Healthy cows prevent you from playing the expensive catch-up game. It ultimately comes down to setting yourself up for success through the winter and into the spring calving season.

Again, it is important to stay aware of the fact that, yes, Riomax is going to be higher-priced upfront than many other options. However, with low consumption (backed up by our Costguard consumption guarantee), you know that your daily cost will be where it should be.

Is Riomax A Fit For You?

The answer might be no if...

Your ranching operation makes decisions based on minimal inputs and upfront price alone. Riomax is more than likely not going to be a fit for those of you who don’t track results. Although you may be interested in results, for whatever reason, management stops using that as a deciding factor. Because you don’t track it, you won’t know what return Riomax is providing.

Riomax might be able to help you if...

You are experiencing challenges on your ranch, and you need a long-lasting solution. Riomax puts a strong effort into impacting factors like:

  • Weaning weights
  • Winter feed costs
  • Cattle health
  • Body score

Riomax is a better fit is for you progressive folks that are really looking to move the needle; those of you who measure and manage every dollar and focus on your return. If you track every dollar you put in, how much are you getting out? This is the frame of mind that operators who challenge status quo think in. It is so important to consistently look at how to run lean and mean and look for ways to impact your bottom line, your profitability, your sustainability. 

In cases like the above-mentioned, Riomax is a true fit. We'd invite you to connect with one of our team so we can hear you out and have a discussion because we’d love to assist you in making the right decision for this fall and winter.

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