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“…Riomax® is just too expensive!”

Or is it? A valid concern amongst many ranchers is the high cost of Riomax® products.

And we understand!

We don’t like expensive products either. In order for you to understand just why our products are more expensive, there is something you must understand. And even before that, we are here to clarify this: Riomax® as a brand is here to help YOU and YOUR OPERATION and YOUR BOTTOM LINE. How do we do this? In simple terms, we lower your input costs and enable you to get more out of what you’ve already got. We help you better utilize your existing forages and stretch pastures.

Cows and calves on late spring pasture

Riomax® Upfront Cost vs. Cost Per Day

If you only look at the upfront cost of Riomax®, we’ll admit it, you are going to want to head straight to the competitor. But, before you do that, hear us out. We always like to quote the one rancher from Montana, who declared, “Riomax® is only expensive if you don’t know how to do math.” That being said, if you do know how to do math, you will see that on a cost per head per day basis, Riomax® is generally the same price or lower than other tubs on the market.

While the price of Riomax® is going to be two to three times higher than other products on the market, that's only factoring in the initial cost. Of equal importance to the sticker price is the cost per head per day, which is where Riomax® saves you money.

Our cost per head per day calculator can help you quickly calculate the daily cost of a wide variety of products (not just Riomax®).

Concentration & Consumption

The main focus is to bring down your cost per head per day - now, you might be thinking: how does Riomax® just magically lower my cost per head per day?

We focus on high concentration and low consumption because when you have a quality product for your livestock, they simply don’t need to eat as much. As the saying goes, “quality over quantity”. And if you don’t believe us when we say your livestock won’t consume as much, we even have a consumption guarantee. Our guarantee eliminates your risk.

Factors That Affect Your Cost

In terms of actual pricing, we’re going to give you a rough number. The reason we can’t give you an exact number is because of the many variations including consumption, sizing, packaging, quantity, forage quality, and whether you’re in the U.S. or Canada.

Typically, Riomax® will cost you somewhere in between 22 cents and 59 cents per head per day (U.S. dollars), which averages out to 41 cents per head per day. Consumption ranges between 1/8 and 1/3 of a pound. Now that is quite a wide range for you to look at, but let’s explain why it will vary.

When using Riomax®, cows will self-regulate - easily explained, if they consume really good grass, they are going to eat proportionally less Riomax®. If the grass is of poor quality, then they are going to eat a bit more.

Not to worry though, because if your cows consume more than a third of a pound a day, our consumption guarantee kicks in, and the risk is off your shoulders.

Another factor that plays into cost per head per day and consumption is whether you use Riomax® year-round or not. What we’ve found is that ranchers who use Riomax® all year generally have lower consumption, because those cows are on a consistent plane of nutrition. If you only have your livestock on Riomax® for half a year, for example, there are going to be more peaks and valleys, and consumption can be driven up.

To recap; here are some of the factors that affect your cost:

  • Product Packaging/Container Sizes
  • Location (US or Canada)
  • Forage Quality
  • Consistent Usage vs. Only Using For Certain Seasons

Can Riomax® Drive Your Economic Model?

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you’re looking for. We aim to help drive your economic model, and in turn, boost your return on investment. In doing so, we will be the first to admit, Riomax® IS going to be higher than most other products on the market when you look at the cost per tub.

But, if you dig deeper and discover your real cost, your cost per head per day, Riomax® is almost always cheaper.

We’d love to have a chat with you. Whether it be a phone call, text, email, or live chat, we’re easy. And whether you’d like to discuss price or a completely unrelated topic, we are here to answer your questions.

And finally, THANK YOU for stopping by! We truly appreciate it, and if there is anything we can do for you, you know what to do.

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