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With all the products out there, how do I know what is the best formula to use for summer grazing in terms of a mineral supplement?  Let’s take a deep dive into that answer.


Most ranchers look for three big results in terms of what they want to get out of summer grazing.

  1. Breed Up
  2. Extending the days the cows are out grazing in certain pasture
  3. Increasing the weights of those calves all summer long for a heavier calf crop in the Fall.

PG360™ works for summer grazing because of two main factors:  Esqort® and Nutrizorb®.

Esqort® - 100% Protected Trace Minerals

Esqort® is our mineral package.  It contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals.  Let’s take a look at its three main key trace minerals.  In the US, the key trace minerals are copper, manganese and zinc.  In Canada, they are copper, selenium and zinc.

Our key trace minerals are 100% protected or 100% rumen bypass.  This means they have what it takes to survive the harsh environment in the rumen, travel though it and get to the small intestine where they can be absorbed into the bloodstream.  Exactly where they need to go!  We don’t have sulfates or oxides in these minerals.

Nutrizorb® - Our digestive powerhouse

It consists of many ingredients containing enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and yeast all working together to pull more out of the forage or the feed that your cattle are taking in.  We are feeding the bugs in the rumen; we are feeding all those good bugs to break down the forage.  Nutrizorb® fuels IST, Indirect Supplementation Technology®.  Learn more about IST on our YouTube Channel.

Improve breed up, extend days on pasture, and put more weight on your calves?

Esqort® and Nutrizorb® come together and form this synergy.  A dynamic duo so to speak!

Breed Up

Esqort® and Nutrizorb® help improve breed up because they are going to keep your cows in good body condition to be rebred.  They help them clean better at calving which also helps them to get rebred quicker and to get more bred the first cycle.

Extend Days on Pasture

Esqort® and Nutrizorb® will help extend days on pasture because they’re helping extract more out of your feed.  The cattle’s requirements are met quicker so they are able to get more out of what they already have which allows them to better optimize the grass in front of them.  Talk about asset management!  What a great way to have them go to parts of the pasture they normally wouldn’t go.  It doesn’t matter if you have some swampy slough grass, maybe you have a canyon or a mountain to consider.  The cattle are going to be able and willing to go out and find that grass.  Why?  Because their requirements are being met.

More Weight

Esqort® and Nutrizorb® are helping those calves get more pounds on them during the summer in two ways.  How?  Calves have high requirements at their age because they are supposed to grow and develop muscle very quickly.  By using Riomax® and the grass as they are growing, the calves are getting their requirements met.

The other way is they are getting more frame growth instead of that fleshy growth that cattle buyers don’t want.  The mama cow is giving them better milk because her requirements are also met.  Better quality milk, more of it and with a higher milk fat content is really what that calf needs to grow.

Is Riomax® Cost-Effective?

Riomax® PG360™ is a great formula for summer grazing and is cost-effective.  Usually, in summertime depending on the environment, we tend to see consumption on the lower end because they are out in that green grass and happy as ever.

What about Fly Control? 

We have a couple options for fly control - one with IGR (insect growth regulator) and one with an all-natural fly repelant package.  PG360™ with IGR is a fly control which helps keep those horn flies at bay. We also have a product called PG360-REPEL™, which is designed to naturally repel flies and a variety of other insects.

At Riomax®, we are here to help. We want to continue to answer your questions and break down the wall between the supplement sector and the cattle sector.  After all, we are one big industry who is creating food to feed the world.  Let’s get ready for summer!

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