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Why are Riomax® Tubs More Expensive in Canada?

We get the question from time to time as to why is the price of Lick Tubs and Mineral so much more expensive in Canada compared to the United States.

Exchange Rate

The price difference is the exchange rate. We don’t change the price along with the exchange rate as it fluctuates every day, throughout the day. We average it out and do our best to keep it in line with the exchange rate the best we can. Sometimes the prices may vary between US and CA even more or less if the exchange rate is extreme one way or the other.

Long story short, if the Canadian Dollar was at par with the US Dollar the prices would be very similar but as of the current time it is at 1.35.


  • $0.34 x 1.35 = $0.46

Hopefully this helps explain why the Riomax® tubs are more expensive in Canada vs. the US.

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