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3.5 minute video about the canadian differences

If you’re a Canadian rancher, you may have some questions about Riomax® products. Are all the same products available in Canada? Do they have the same ingredients? It can feel like a bit of a gray area, so let’s clear up these differences.


Pricing in Canada reflects the exchange rate, making our cost per head per day somewhere between 28 cents and 73 cents. This is based on our recommended consumption level of between ⅛ to ⅓ of a pound, and before any discounts are applied.


Our product line-up in Canada is smaller than in the U.S., but rest assured that our best selling formula, PG360™, is available in both countries. Our loose mineral is also available in Canada, to help you meet your specific needs.


Every product across every state and province that we service contains Nutrizorb®, our digestion pack, and Esqort®, our mineral technology. The number of components in Nutrizorb® does differ vary slightly from the U.S. to Canada, which is solely because of the difference in regulations between the two countries. It does not change the final outcome or end result. When it comes to Esqort™, our mineral technology, there are 3 key trace minerals; copper, selenium, and zinc; all of which are 100% protected. 


Delivery in Canada is similar to the U.S. We ship direct to your ranch, and it generally takes about 3 weeks from the time that you call in and order, to the time it arrives safely on your ranch. 

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