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Drought can have devastating effects..

Are you suffering from drought on your ranch currently, unsure of which step to take next? We at Riomax® have worked with thousands of ranching operations, through good times and through tough times. Here are 3 ways we believe in to help you deal with the impact of drought.

Tips to recover faster from drought on your ranch.

  1. Improve carrying capacity. Better-using the land that you have is so important during drought. You may be thinking, how can I do that when the forage-quality is terrible? That’s where Riomax® comes in. We help ranchers improve the carrying capacity on their land regularly. Nutrizorb® and IST (indirect supplementation technology) work together to pull nutrients out of even the poorest-quality forage. If severe drought has driven you to the point where you have to sell off some of your cows, Riomax® will additionally help you to sell fewer cattle, simply because of the way the Nutrizorb® and IST technology works with your cows to get more nutrients out of the feed that is available to them.
  2. Conserve resources. Maintaining a supply of grass and hay can be tough during a drought, especially when your herd needs it desperately. The same concept, Nutrizorb® and IST, comes into play again in this situation. By working with your cows, and the digestion process inside them, the Riomax® science allows your cattle to get by with less. Fewer inputs result in increased hay and forage savings, or whatever you are supplementing. Ranchers using a Riomax® mineral program are usually able to see anywhere from 15% to 30% hay savings, which adds up very fast, especially in extreme drought scenarios. Because your resources are already limited, any bit of savings can be a massive help.
  3. Minimize costs by utilizing what you have. We all know that during drought, supply and demand takes a hard hit. The supply of hay and other forages goes down, the demand increases, and prices skyrocket. By using that same technology, which works with the cow and her rumen microbes, you can make sure that your herd is utilizing their every mouthful to the best of their ability. 

It all boils down to having your cows out there hustling, doing the hard work for you. Instead of you having to ‘spoon feed’ them, they are making the most out of what they have on their own, with very little effort from you. Riomax® enables your cows to perform on a lower quality feed, which is incredibly important when going through times of drought. 

The common thread running through all three of these points is conserving and utilizing the resources you have at your fingertips. Still unsure as to how Riomax® helps you get more out of what you’ve already got?

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